All the ingredients that are contained in our beauty creams and solutions leave a mark on our natural surroundings, as well as our routine usage.

We have compiled a variety of ways you can do a makeover of your beauty bag and common habits, with regards to your health and environmental safety.

1. Get rid of the faux fragrances

All sorts of products from shower gels to liquid soaps and facial cleansers are coming in a fragranced form nowadays. They do smell amazing, but that perk comes with a price. The substances that act as aromatic agents are frequently suspicious chemicals. They may cause allergic outbreaks and potentially interfere with our hormonal balance.

Also, they are not entirely biodegradable which has negatively affects on the environment. When you’re looking to replenish your beauty stock, make an effort to avoid the bottles that state fragrance or “parfum” as one of the ingredients.

2. Ditch the microspheres

The inclusion of the microspheres in a number of different products such as exfoliation creams, scrubbing lotions and even toothpastes became quite popular in the past few years. Harmless as they may seem, they are veritable micro-polluters that get into all types of water bodies on earth. Since they don’t get entirely dissolved, fish and other creatures ingest it and suffer from an array of adverse side-effects.

3. Say goodbye to cleansing wipes

It’s quite tempting and handy to employ cotton pads, tissues or packaged wet wipes to remove the remnants of makeup in the evening. The truth is, all of this immediately ends up in the trash bin, and if you follow this routine daily, the pileup will significantly burden the landfills. To avoid the use of disposable cleaning mediums, pick a damp cloth and dab some coconut or mineral oil on the face to remove the foundation and other makeup. As a bonus, this procedure expertly and naturally hydrates the skin.

4. Go for eco-friendly beauty brushes

The aspect of makeup brushes gets often neglected when going green is in question. It’s not so uncommon to encounter brushes with bristles made from the hair of badgers, squirrels or ponies. When the time comes for the brushes to get replaced, ensure you pick the ones made from bamboo or other sustainable materials. On top of it, makeup artists say that these cruelty-free, green brushes are excellent for blending.

5. Scan the ingredient list on the label

We have mentioned the dangers of fragrances used in the cosmetics industry, but that’s just a tip of the iceberg. Thousands of other shady chemicals present in all kinds of beauty products are a major threat to the environment and our health alike:

  • Triclosan

  • Formaldehyde (connected with preservatives)

  • Parabens

  • Sodium laureate sulphate

  • Polyethylene glycol compounds

Thankfully, there are some renowned names producing organic makeup you can find in UK that fully satisfy all green standards, and they’re definitely worth a try.

We have provided you with five simple green-proof steps for an upgrade of your beauty strategy. Don’t bargain when the planet and your health are at stake. Get involved!