In this busy and hectic life, we sometimes unknowingly fall prey to many bad habits that can cause harm to our teeth. The following are some bad habits can have a negative impact on our teeth:

1. Nail Biting:

This is one of the most common bad habits that many people possess at the time of nervousness. This habit can mark on the teeth and can put an impact on the jaw. It can result in jaw dysfunction. Apart from damaging the shape of the teeth, this habit can produce teeth ache. So, people should avoid the habit of biting their nails to keep their teeth healthy and strong. Some effective methods like using bitter tasting nail polish, reducing the stress, doing regular meditation, setting small and effective goals can help them to avoid this bad habit.

2. Brushing too hard:

Many people have a bad habit of brushing too hard. Actually, people should brush twice a day for two minutes. Brushing too hard or with a hard toothbrush can cause serious damage to the teeth. It can also cause gum irritation. People have a very misconception the brushing teeth very hard will clean their teeth. But in brushing teeth very hard, people do not clean their teeth efficiently rather they risk gum recession. People should always use a soft toothbrush and apply proper pressure while brushing their teeth.

3. Chewing Ice Cubes:

Many people have a habit of ice chewing activities. It is a very bad habit and it can harm to both teeth and throat. In the process of regular chewing of ice, the root of the teeth can get damaged. So even if chewing of ice gives some pleasure to the people, at Parramatta Dental Avenue, dentists strongly recommend the people not to risk the health of their teeth by chewing ice cubes. People should try drinking beverages without ice cubes.

4. Snacking Constantly:

Nowadays it is often seen people graze snack throughout the day, especially sugary foods. People cannot resist themselves from taking the sugary foods and drinks. But though these kinds of food are tasty, it has actually a very bad effect on our health and teeth. It forms the cavity which causes bacteria feast over the food placed over the teeth and cause acidity which can attack the outer shell of the teeth. Therefore, dentists recommend patient to reduce snacking and limit the sugary food.

5. Chewing Tobacco:

Chewing tobacco is the deadliest bad habits. Apart from damaging teeth, it causes serious life-threating diseases which include cancer, tumor, etc. Tobacco can produce gum on the teeth on a regular basis which can damage the teeth forever. So, you should always try to avoid chewing tobacco.

6.  Using teeth as a tool:

Most of the people use their teeth as a tool to hold items, open bottles, cutting threads, etc. But this can put their teeth at a huge risk. It may break teeth or may injure their jaws. So, you should always use your teeth for eating not for anything else.