Serious about Freelance work opportunities, competing for freelance jobs? Probably, a hundred or more bidding on the freelance projects, how do you make your bid stand out from the rest?

The fact that likewise every client, every freelance is different in every sense. There’s not even a magical formula – works for every bid. All you need is to consider few steps to increase the chances your prospective client will take your bid seriously.


The Useful Tips to Find Freelance Work Online

  1. Go through the Freelance Project –

When you find a Freelance work on a portal read the freelance projects thoroughly. If you understand it completely, you are likely to win the bidding. Many clients ask for specific details you should be aware of. Hence, you should take enough time to go through the descriptions of freelance jobs thoroughly.

  1. Don’t Feel Discouraged by Low Bids –

Currently, there are a lot of clients looking for professionals to complete their freelance projects. This makes the competition sky-high and the price will eventually go low.

In such scenario, you shouldn’t compete on price as there will be always someone to compete with you. But what will you do? Just stick to your response time and your ability to finish the freelance projects fast.

Whatever you do, don’t compete for price, while bidding for freelance jobs online!


  1. Try to Be Yourself –

Differentiating your freelance profiles with showcasing the right experience, exposer and eager to take the next challenge is the right approach. Try to be yourself with some unique attributes; it can be a workaholic attribute or strong coding attribute or testing attribute or to keep your customer happy which would be a great motivation for you and your hiring process.  Try to be simple and specific. You need to differentiate somehow to make yourself different when there are 50+ people bidding on the same project.

  1. Be Specific about Solutions –

Usually, clients look for solutions more than anything else. They need someone to handle their freelance projects and they want it solved. Hence, you need to be one – offers them with the quick and effective solution. Off course if you are experienced and faced similar project cases, it would help you but overall you can always think about the short term and long term solutions for any business requirement.

  1. Clear Specification of Terms –

Using the description of the project, you should be precise as possible, stating exactly what you will provide, how much it will cost and how long it will take to deliver.

Being vague about your terms means a lack of confidence. If you’re not confident in yourself, the client won’t be either!

  1. Proof Read Proposal –

Check whether the proposal is written clearly. After all, nevertheless of the freelance jobs, you’re bidding on, a poorly presented proposal suggests a lack of attention to detail and work habits. Prefer to have a checklist so you don’t miss any points while competing on a bid. Neither of those will be going to work in your favor!

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Conclusion –

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