Named after Communist revolution Ho Chi Minh, the city previously known as Saigon has appeared from its darkest days to become one of the most fascinating cities of Asia. It features colorful street life, exquisite buildings, and warm climate throughout the year. If you are planning for a Ho Chi Minh City day trip, below listed are a few things that you may like to do in this fascinating city?

Explore the Cu Chi tunnels:

Do you know how did the Americans defeat the Vietnam War? Don’t worry! Your guide will take you through the buried trap-doors to discover the Cu Chi tunnels that assisted frustrate the US army at each turn.

Cu Chi tunnels Entrance

Roam Around the Pham Ngu Lao Street:

Also known as the backpacker province, the lively Pham Ngu Lao Street allures tourists from all walks of life because of its bounty of clothing, war souvenir and many other types of merchandise.

Pham Ngu Lao Street Pham Ngu Lao Street Vacations

Don’t Miss Out the War Remnants Museum:

War Remnants Museum portrays a unique and often disturbing image of the nation’s 20th century struggles. It is a must visit for anybody hoping to comprehend the complicated history of Vietnam.

War Remnants Museum


Explore The Ho Chi Minh City Museum:

Placed in the aged Gia Long Palace, Ho Chi Minh City Museum portrays an excellent account of the bloody past of Vietnam. It is uncompromising without being superfluous.

Chi Minh City Museum

Mekong Delta Full Day Speedboat Tour:

With this full-day trip, you will experience the old world river life of the Mekong Delta, and relish a glance into the lesser seen life of rustic Vietnam. Crucial cultural stops encompass a Cao Dai Temple, a pagoda and a riverside market.


Visit the Saigon Notre-Dame Cathedral:

Travelers flocked into this magnificent basilica in 2005 when its Virgin Mary sculpture was accounted to have shed tears. We are skeptical, but there’re better reason to explore the Saigon Notre-Dame Cathedral, for example its splendid architecture.

Saigon Notre-Dame Cathedral

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