We have a common idea that flower is the best gift in this world. One can gift nothing but a flower to any lovable person in any and every occasion. The flower contains almost every human feeling exist in reality. Yet not all the flowers symbolize well wishes. There are certain specific flowers that are not blessing carrier. These flowers have inculcated meanings of unhappiness within them. One must avoid such flowers to gift and get a gift as well.

Aconite (Monk hood)


Aconite resembles hatred and cautious. Not all the flowers have good meanings. Aconite is one of those exceptions. This flower is connectable to a disease called Monk hood. Monk hood has certain specific characteristics. One of which is mental and physical restlessness. This state of body and mind leads to the feeling of hating people. It is best to avoid this particular flower as a gift given to people.


Begonia is another flower that contains bad meaning of itself. Begonia flower means deep thoughts. Very few people can understand the meaning of this flower. It is better not to gift anyone This Begonia flower. There are few contradictory sides of this flower. One of which is this carries an unwanted message of future struggle and misfortune. Dark and unpleasant thoughts might distract a person from his/her happiness and joy. If one wishes good for someone, this is the first flower to avoid from presenting to him/her.

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Buttercups do not contain any evil meaning with them. The feeling they symbolize to some extent is humiliating. A buttercup symbolizes childishness. When someone acts as immature, we call them childish. So gifting a buttercup to your loved one might bring a misunderstanding between both of you. No matter how sweet it looks, buttercup has a complicated meaning attached to it.

Butterfly Weed

Butterfly weed sounds sweet. Yet it is the most dangerous flower as a gift. Gifting this flower might cost a person his/her dear relationship. Very few people know this, but butterfly weed has a secret and surprising meaning attached to it. It conveys the message ‘leave me’. Gifting your near and dear one a bouquet of butterfly weed would be the worst decision of your life.

Yellow Carnations

Carnation of flowers are world famous gifts. There are many flower carnations used as gifts. If we observe, we can find the rejection of yellow carnations. Yellow carnations symbolize disdain and disowning. One deciding to gift someone with a yellow carnation means one rejects the receiver. We must avoid entertaining such misunderstanding. One should never greet others with yellow carnations.


This flower is famous as Sow bread or the ‘Persian Violet’. Violet stands for something hopeful. Yet in reality, this plant is a poisonous plant. Gifting someone this flower symbolizes that everything good will be over very soon. This flower in particular symbolizes death in certain cases. It is a perfect flower to send to someone you has broken up with. Sending this flower to your present love might end your relation. This flower is a sign of separation.

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Orange Lilies

Lily is one of the colorful flowers in the world. Different colors of lilies radiate different meanings. While white and red lilies represent good vibes, orange does the exact opposite. Orange lilies express hatred and pride. It also reflects disdain. It is best to avoid this particular lily given as a gift to anyone. Instead of Orange Lilies, one can send pink lilies as a unique flower to your loved one through the reliable services of send flowers online. Here one can get their desirable bouquets ready and is pocket friendly as well.


The bright colors of petunia are no doubt attractive. They mesmerize people with their gorgeous look. Deep inside, these flowers carry a complete opposite meaning with them. Petunia flower symbolizes resentment and anger. A petunia flower will always convince you by its striking beauty. Only the meaning it carries might lead you to immense trouble.

Black Rose

Rose is the queen of all the flowers. Various colors of roses stand for different meanings. Roses are the main flowers used in every happy occasion. We always avoid one shade of rose- black rose. Black rose carries an unexpected meaning with it. It means death. Black rose, hence must lead the list of rejected flowers. 


Nothing is comparable with flower as the most valuable gift. We must know the meaning of every flower first. Then choose the person whom to gift which one.You can Send Flowers Los Angeles with our local florist.One thing needs to be clear. Everyone should avoid all the above mentioned flowers as gifts.