Nothing puts down roots quite as much as all the stuff in a garage does. Even a cursory glance in that general direction will tell you what the problem is- random cartons, boxes of clothes you’ve not worn in years, old, DIY projects you keep meaning to get around to doing, unused exercise material, newspapers- you get the idea. If you’re serious about a great space for your brand new Used Toyota Highlander you need to clean up your garage. Here are some tips to help you out.

Think about the stuff

You don’t need to move stuff around just yet, but think about what you’ve got. Take a look at the shelves and the boxes. See if you can cast your mind back to what you might have put in them. Mentally sort out the items in boxes- keep, discard, donate, reuse. Go through every single item and figure out what you want to do with each of them.

Create a landing area

If the garage is empty, use the floor. If not, use the driveway. Spread some sheets or old cloth and start putting your stuff in order. It makes sense to start from the top and make your way to the garage floor, when you’re taking things out of the shelves and pegs.

Organise and be ruthless

Don’t throw your stuff in piles- sort them out as you take them out of the shelves and space. This is vital and you cannot be lazy about this step. You might be attached to many things, but if they don’t serve a purpose except sentimental, then get rid of them. If you have multiple numbers of one thing, you need to make a decision about what to keep and what to leave. The only way your garage will stay junk free is if you are absolutely objective about your organising. What’s more, your donating action can help those in need.

Clean up the garage

Sweep up the floor, give it a good scrub. The shelves and the walls too. If you can, think about a quick paint job. Your garage will look and smell new and make you happy.

Now organise the storage

The biggest steps have all happened. Now, when you’re putting all the items back, put them in such a way that is clean and functional. Boxes are the best way to do it. But also consider using all the real estate on the walls- pegs and nails to hang up stuff, maybe a nice felt board for other projects. Keep stuff you use frequently, at arm’s length.

Create a separate space for your hobbies and interests

The only way you’re going to get down to doing the things you like is to create welcoming inspiring space. Even if it’s a desk against the garage wall, make it a dedicated space for the things you love and want to indulge in.

Make your garage rodent-proof

Seal off holes in the wall or garage floor. Get some insect treatment if required and make sure it’s a secure space for your cars and for the members of your household.