You have to thoroughly vet the school you want your kid to enroll to. It helps to know which questions to ask and what answers you should expect if it is the right it or your child. The below criterion will shed more light on this:


How many pupils are in each class?


The size of the class in terms of the number of pupils should be a major concern when searching for a school. This will help you to know the student to teacher ratio the school adopts. The ratio should be low if your kids are to get a quality education; for example18 pupils per teacher.


How did the school perform in the last 5 national exams?


It will help you rank that Berwick primary school among other top schools in the region. By accessing their results for the last 5 years, you will be able to evaluate the trend they have been on. From that, you should be able to know if it is the right fit for your child.


Which subjects are taught in the school?


There should be core subjects and optional subjects in the curriculum. For example, mathematics should never in any way be an optional subject for students. Choose schools that offer mathematics, social science, and languages as the core subjects in their curriculum.


Are there any co-curricular activities in the school?


There should be other activities apart from learning. Go for a Berwick primary school that invests in athletics, sports and theater drama among other things. It helps your child to grow mentally and spiritually. There should a culture that allows students to interactively outside the classroom.


What kind of system do you use to grade pupils?


The grading system should be standard not create a gap between those students who are performingwell and those who are poor performance. It should create unity in a way that even the poor students feel involved and part of the school. It should feature even the co-curricularactivities and not be solely biased toward academics.


When do classes start and when do they end?


A primary school pupil does not need to study all day long from 8 am to 6 pm. They learning should be student centered in a way that they not only focus on academics, but also other activities within the school. Also, the time when the child should be in school and when they should leave for home should be convenient for the level of education they are in.


How are parents involved in the school activities?


You have to be an active parent in school if you want to better your child. It helps them to know that you are taking interest in their studies and thus they will do well to please you. At times, parental support is what a child needs, in order to keep working on their grades. Choose a Berwick primary school that actively involves parents in most of their meetings. By attending such meetings in schools, you will be sending a message to them. In the process, they will set milestones and accomplish them since you are keeping track of their progress.