From the vast cultural diversity, rich history, to the friendly people from all walks of life and the different species of cute animals that roam the down under – Australia is definitely one of the places to visit on most folks’ bucket list .  However, the benefits of studying in Australia are very much life-altering. Here are some incredible things you will gain after your time as a student.



1)      Clear Blue Skies

Known for its natural beautiful environment, Australia is not just a place to go to the beach. Living under the mesmerizing blue skies and swimming in clear blue waters that changes your whole take on life and makes you feel limitless. Quite a few universities also brag about their gorgeous lush green campuses that look and feel more like public gardens. Doing a quick revision and reading lecture notes while sitting on freshly cut green grass, and being shaded by a large eucalyptus tree is definitely not a bad way of living for a few years.



2)      Incredible Adventures

Even though your main purpose would be to study, the down under give you the great opportunities to make some unbelievable memories in astonishing places like the Great Barrier Reef, the ‘red center’ of Uluru, gain some culture at the famous Opera House, the mouthwatering Aussie Bar-B-Que. One of the problems you will face will be trying to find time to visit to the places you want to see.



3)      The City And  Your Dreams

Apart from offering lovely weather and a wonderful lifestyle, Australia has consistently been ranked amongst the top 10 best student cities in the world.  Not to mention cities like Sydney are the home-base to some of the world’s largest and most inventive companies that are always on the lookout for all-rounder graduates. This is a great opportunity to help you boost your career off to a great start.


4)      Empower Yourself

Australia is known for its diversity, allowing everyone to have an equal opportunity, be able change your path, and attain personal growth and freedom. No matter what your race, religion, culture of country you are from, you will be able to define yourself as a person. You will be given freedom to be yourself, showcase what you can do, and set the course of your life to the journey you want to take.


5)      Different Cultures

In today’s globalized business world, having cross-cultural skills will really set you apart. At Australian universities like Macquarie, you’ll be studying with – and learning from – students from more than 100 countries. So you’ll graduate not only with knowledge of Australian culture, but countless others as well – opening up career opportunities in whichever country you have your sights on.


6)      Vast Networking

There many of the countries that have well-known universities, and ranked among the world’s best.  However, it’s no surprise that Australia has such educational institutions and attracts so many talented students. You will be privileged to be sharing lectures and classrooms with some fantastic minds, and you might just get to meet a future business associate who you go on to achieve amazing things with.


7)      Develop Confidence

When you choose to study overseas, especially in a country as widespread as Australia, this experience often pushes you to take a big step out of your comfort zone – you are forced to learn new skills and become independent. Australian universities are famous for the support they give their students. You will be able to develop deep insights and emotional intelligence, allowing you to graduate with a brand new confidence. All these accomplishments, pooled with a highly-respected Australian degree, you’ll be able to walk into any room or place of employment, and be able to command respect with dignity.



Author Bio


Niamh Flynn is a scientist and lecturer at She is completing her PHD in general science and humanities. She is also a drummer in a band and speaks out for a good cause. Her other interest is playing cricket.