Designing your living room entails more than just arranging furniture around the TV, especially when you have to deal with a smaller space. There are numerous ideas that can contribute to your living room’s elegance and cosiness, and you should always have in mind that even the smallest details can make a big difference.

Consider the Arrangement

Living room design

The first thing you need to determine when it comes to the furniture arrangement is the focal point. Whether it’s the TV or the fireplace, you have to arrange the seating so that everyone has a clear view of the focal point. However, you should also ensure that people can interact with each other, which means that arranging sofas and armchairs in the same line isn’t the best solution. The best option is placing them in a semi-circle, around a coffee table and facing the focal point. This kind of arrangement contributes to an intimate and friendly atmosphere.

Eliminate Clutter

If you have a small living room, clutter is your worst enemy, since it will create an impression of disorganisation and crowdedness. What you hope to achieve is an illusion of space, therefore, you have to get rid of any unnecessary items. Take out everything you don’t need, for example, useless figurines that you don’t like, or old magazines that just sit around collecting dust. You can opt for stylish cabinets with drawers and additional shelves for storing those items you have nowhere to place.

Think in Terms of Multi-Functionality

A small living room can be both stylish and multi-functional; there’s no reason why one should eliminate the other. When furnishing your living area, you should opt for multi-functional furniture that will save you some extra space. You can go with a beautiful window seat that can simultaneously be used for storing. Furniture pieces that you can use for several purposes are a perfect solution for small spaces.

Use Your Walls

Small Living Room

You can use your walls to make a statement by simply turning one wall into an accent wall with interesting wallpaper or design. You can experiment with patterns and finishes for a unique effect. When it comes to functionality, you can use the wall space for storage – add several shelves or open cabinets for an organised and neat look.

Choose the Appropriate Colours

The palette of neutral colours is more appropriate for smaller areas, since such colours open up a place. Different shades of whites, beiges, and greys are a perfect choice for walls, since they reflect light and illuminate the room. Additionally, they set a note of sophistication, elegance and calmness. When it comes to furniture, you can experiment more with colours and accentuate pieces by opting for darker hues.

Be Creative with the Coffee Table

living room coffee table

A coffee table can be one of the central pieces in the living room, and you can really experiment with the decoration. Depending on the general interior style, you can opt for a stylish coffee table that will complete the room. You can get some interesting ideas for incorporating coffee tables into your living room here. The best thing is that you can change the decoration every once in a while – for the summer, you can bring in some fresh flowers; and for the autumn, some dry leaves.

Choose a Style

There’s a variety of different interior styles that you can use for decorating your living room. Depending on your preferences, you can go with bohemian, classic, Scandinavian, mid-century, glam or eclectic. Each of these styles has its own characteristics and features, and each is unique in its own way.  All you have to do is discover which one suits your personality and your taste.

There are numerous tips and tricks for decorating a living room, but the best one is to find a way to make it truly your own. Just be creative, experiment and try to express your personality in the interior design.