At the Shanghai auto show, Wei Lai car debut two pure electric car products, one of which is the fastest North American electric sports car EP9, there is a paragraph is the first SUV products ES8, when the Shanghai auto show , This car is still a concept car, can only see Sensor the shape, and can not see the interior, but not long ago the production version of the car has been exposed, people feel more shocked is that the amount of this car Production and concept car in the shape is exactly the same.

  Wei as a pure electric car brand, in the shape design can really do some avant-garde some, after all, compared to the fuel tank can be less consideration, but also the industry to Wei called 'China's Tesla', because Wei Lai Product positioning parity high-end, and a lot of financial support, so the overall quality is also more secure. ES8 production version is a 7 SUV, the car length of more than 5 meters, the wheelbase is expected to reach 3 meters long, with 2 +3 +2 7 layout, in space is relatively comfortable, and Body and chassis are made Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor of aluminum alloy, the quality of the preparation will be relatively light, which also helped to enhance the car's mileage, full of electricity, ES8 can be more than 300 km battery life.

  The first exposure of the interior we are also more concerned, of course, as a pure electric car, will be more focused on highlighting the sense of science and technology, ES8 is no exception, two huge LCD screen at once grabbed the eye, which the middle of the touch screen size Huge, but not coordinated, more reasonable inlaid in the air conditioner through the outlet. Bucket part of the piano design, it is quite a sense of grade, and electronic gear style is also more special, giving a kind of technology with the desire to drive. Configuration, the car equipped with the rise of the show, car APP and other bright configuration, I believe that in addition to SAIC, another Internet car. Power, ES8 equipped with front Speed Sensor and rear dual-motor, using the electric four-wheel drive, but also support the exchange mode. Electric four-wheel drive we have seen in the BYD Tang, Tang is four separate motor-driven, 100 km acceleration reached 4.9s excellent results, and ES8 believe will not be bad, after all, the boss EP9 is the fastest North North. In addition, the air suspension can also be equipped with a different suspension of the car model, you can adapt to a variety of road conditions.
   As for the price ES8 should be a mystery, on the surface work is certainly not cheap, coupled with a number of behind the technology, R \u0026 D costs will be reflected in the car's price, then according to the positioning Throttle Position Sensor of large SUV Look, Wei to ES8 is likely to be more than a joint venture in the large SUV fuel vehicles are more expensive one.