Despite what some tech enthusiasts claim, business cards are not rendered obsolete in this day and age. Random encounters with people happen all the time. Networks like Facebook have not replaced face-to-face communication, which is still the mainstay of doing business. So, if you ask me, one should never leave the house without a card close at hand. It might not be the ace up the sleeve that it used to be, but it is still a valuable tool in the arsenal.

Everyone relevant has it

First of all, you need a business card because everybody else has it. Like it or not, this small item is a standard, not a relic of the past that old-fashioned people cling to. Moreover, contrary to popular belief, most people keep business cards they receive, if for nothing else, then “just in case”.

A professional testament

In a business world, it is crucial to come across as a professional. Without a business card, it is hard to appear trustworthy and legitimate. A professional-looking card enhances your image and speaks volumes about your dedication and attention to detail. Thus, this tiny thing sends a big message that can go both ways.

Snatching opportunities

To put it simply, a business card allows you to seize opportunities as they present themselves. It pays off to be well prepared. That is the only way to play it safe instead of relying on twisted workings of dumb luck. You never know when you will meet people who are in need of your products, services, or expertise.

Pleased to meet you

When I got my first batch of cards at Icprint, I was still unsure of whether the investment would pay off. After a few days, though, it was clear that I had no reason to worry.I handed a few dozen of cards not only to friends, family, and colleagues, but also a variety of other people.Cards were the way I introduced many individuals to my brand.

A matter of practicality

What is more, I noticed just how practical of an asset the card is. Just imagine carrying your bulky resumes at all times. Reaching for your phone may be an option, but not everyone is eager to type your number or website address right away. Thus, it does not come as a surprise that card is an absolute must in many countries across the globe.


Those who mean to establish themselves as experts get the foot in the door or foster new connections visit a lot of business and networking events.  Once there, they strive to hand out as many cards as possible. Even social gatherings could prove to be nice occasions to shove some cards.

Staying in touch

Business cards are an easy way for other people to get in touch with you. Once you give your card to someone, it serves as a call to action and a source of referral business. People who possess it are always more likely to actually contact you. A card enables others to follow you up in an instant, and all you have to do is one simple gesture.

A promotional asset

Many individuals do not perceive business cards as marketing tools, yet that is precisely what they are. You are in a position to highlight your strong suits and display company’s insignia. Hence, a card, when personalized and designed properly, is a strong branding statement. Besides, it contains your skills and expertise, making you more referable.

Tools of the trade  

In the age of smartphones and other tech marvels, business cards are still growing strong. They are a relatively small investment, yet they pay dividends big time. Among other things, they let you take advantage of business events, meetings, and interactions. So, whether you want to climb up a career ladder, achieve a specific business goal, or get a foothold in an industry, business cards should definitely be one of your main tools.