Writing essays is a must for students. For most individuals, it’s a nightmare. Well, this shouldn't be the case. Writing essays can be exciting and fun. All it takes is to consider a few things, and your essay will be perfect. However, becoming an excellent essay writer isn’t something that happens overnight, you will have to practice a lot.

Writing essays can be quite taxing and boring. But only if you don’t put an effort into making the experience less challenging and more fun for you! Therefore, you have to work on training yourself. An excellent essay doesn't take much, just planning and organization. Discipline is crucial too. Your creativity depends on the level of passion you put into your work.

How well your essay is written has an impact on your academic score. A good essay will earn you better grades and vice versa. So, how exactly can you create a well-written college essay? Check out these 8 secrets to assist you:


1. Have a Plan

As soon as you receive the essay question, make a plan of how you will answer it. This doesn’t necessarily mean dashing off to complete the assignment. It’s simple. You have the task at hand, look at the provided timeline, that is, when the essay is due. Then, you can begin to formulate a plan with milestones and when you have to execute them.

With a plan, you have sufficient time to complete the essay, free from the pressure that may affect your creativity. You'll also be able to identify resources that you may need and acquire them on time. Proper planning has always been the first step to attaining success. The same applies to your essay. Creating a well-written and creative essay comes down to planning.


2. What’s the Essay About?

Understand what the essay is about. What this means is that you'll need to break the essay question down. Have a thorough understanding of what’s expected of you. A well-written essay should capture and expound on its title. This means that you have to make the content of your essay relevant to the title. The other thing is that your level of creativity in the essay is directly connected to your understanding of the essay question.


3. Organize Yourself

So, you have planned everything and understood the essay requirements, what do you do next? You organize. Organizing basically means identifying the structure, the tone, and the content of your essay. The benefit of this secret is that you get to write down your main points. And after you do it, you get to put them in an order that creates flow in your work. You identify what information will make up your introduction, the body, and the conclusion. For better creativity and self organization, do your phisical exercises, or visit crossfit jym. Start with the jumps and do not forget to choose best jump rope for crossfit


4. Research

A good essay is not just about excellent grammar and flow. The quality of your content is just as crucial. This means that you have to take some time to research the essay topic. Having a thorough understanding of the essay topic will make writing your essay easy. When you have the necessary content for your essay, you will have the confidence to write it. Confidence in writing will help you make a good essay.


5. Look for Samples

Before you proceed, check out samples. This will help you learn one or two things that can help you perfect your essay. In short, learn from others. By looking at samples, you get to see other’s mistakes and what you can borrow to make your essay good. There are times when you get uncertain about what an essay should entail. And this affects the quality of your essay. Well, not anymore, if you check out other essays. Though you must be keen not to copy the essays but rather learn from them to better your essay. Plagiarism destroys the quality.


6. Make a Rough Draft

All good essays go through a series of steps before they are complete. The best way to do so is create a draft of your work. At this stage, all you need to do is a rough write-up of your essay. This implies disregarding grammatical errors and such. The secret here is simple – write the rough draft which will have all the points, then correct the grammar errors and check for readability later on as you finalize the essay. This way your essay will not only be rich in content but will have excellent flow and no errors.

Also, when working on the final copy, you can add points you may have left out or remove those that you find irrelevant.


7. Refine Your Work

Do the following: Write, Read, then, finally, Re-write. A well written and creative essay undergoes these three very crucial stages.


8. Proofread

Proofreading is a must if you want to deliver good work. As you plan, you must allocate sufficient time to allow yourself to proofread your work. This helps you produce an essay that’s free of mistakes. However, the majority of us tend to be lazy when it comes to proofreading. Not anymore. There are numerous apps and online platforms that can do it for you, more effectively. These proofreading tools will assist you in creating the college essay with so much ease.

Proofreading isn’t a one-time thing. You have to do it as much as you see fit. Make sure you leave time gaps between proofreading sessions. This way you can identify errors better.



A good, well-written, and creative essay shouldn't be a challenge for you. Arming yourself with these 8 secrets gives you an upper hand. If you implement them, your essay will be of quality and therefore will bring you good grades.


All the best with your essay!