Cuts and shapes are one of the most attractive features of any diamond stone. Especially in the jewellery industry, the trend is the statement of style. In fact, there are so many different trends that come and go in the industry but the classic, sparkling, and simply beautiful diamonds are always a style statement. After all, these gems are from centuries with us.

Just the difference observed is the shape and cuts of the diamonds. Are you thinking that diamonds have only a round cut? Well, it has many. Taking from the brilliant princess cut diamonds, pillow-cut diamonds to the beautiful heart cut diamonds and oval cut diamonds, there are varied cuts to impress your loved ones. Hence, if you’re buying one, it’s important to know how the diamond cut is classified and graded to make it the best choice for your loved one!

Types of Beautiful Diamond Cuts

1. Round Cut Diamond

If you wish to purchase a common type of diamond cut, round cut is best to go with. It’s one of the most popular shapes of the diamond. In fact, you can say it as a commonly chosen shape in this industry. It has basically 58 symmetrical facets that maximise its ability to reflect light that make it shinier. And when it comes to a resale value, round diamond cut has the highest amongst all. So if you want a simple yet a beautiful stone, round diamond is the beauty you’re looking for.

2. Emerald Cut Diamond

Gorgeous looking stone with long, clean lines, the emerald cut diamond is an elegant way to express your feeling to your special one. You can even call it a beautiful alternative to the more traditional cuts and facets. It is patterned in such a way that depicts its elegance. Emerald diamond has given a rectangular shape. As it is rectangular in shape, it appears to be bigger than other diamonds available. In short, elegance is another word that represents an emerald

3. Princess Cut Diamond

The princess cut diamond is the most favourite choice for engagement rings. It is highlighted by pointed corners and has a traditional square shape. A princess cut diamond is basically a square stone with 90-degree corners. With so many features, there are benefits as well for you. Princess cut diamonds are less expensive than round cut diamonds because less diamond is used when cutting and finishing the stone. In fact, many people wish for a princess cut diamond because it has a modern shape as well as clean facets that makes it look beautiful

4. Heart Cut Diamond

Similar to its name, the heart cut diamond is simply the synonym of feeling and affection for someone. If you want to express your feelings to your loved ones, heart cut diamond is one of the best ways to show. In fact, it’s a great choice for an engagement ring or an anniversary gift. You may not know, but heart-shaped diamond is one of the most demanding cut. Making it is not easy though, it requires skilful hands and dexterity to make it the finest shaped stone.

5. Cushion Cut Diamond

If you’re interested in a square as well as rectangular shaped diamond, cushion cut diamond is a beautiful stone option. It is patterned so, but actually it contains round edges which make it looks like a cushion. It is popular for over a century due to its beautiful characteristics. These types of diamond are cut with large facets that result in increasing the elegance and highlighting the clarity of the stone. Hence, people who love the traditional looked diamonds; the cushion cut diamond is much more preferable to go with.

6. Pear Cut Diamond

Do you want something really interesting when it comes to the valuable diamonds? A pear cut diamond is perfectly suitable for something really unique and interesting. Well, its beauty and its shape are what make it so popular. But, apart from its elegance, the pear cut diamond is also identical to a teardrop or a drop cut diamond. It is shaped pointed on one side and rounded on the other. Well, you can call it as the perfect combination of marquise and a round cut diamond.

7. Marquise Cut Diamond

A marquise cut diamond is beautiful and dramatically gorgeous due to its pointed edges on both the sides. Its unique shape creates a long shaped diamond image. You may get anxious to know that marquise diamond maximises the weight of the karat due to its much larger sized shape. You can call it a brilliantly shaped diamond because it needs great patience in shaping it such. Well, you can also say that marquise diamond is the modified version of a brilliant cut. No doubt, marquise cut diamonds are way more dramatic but it is one of the expensive diamonds too.

8. Asscher Cut Diamond

Wait a minute! it’s not the emerald cut diamond you’re thinking of. Often Asscher cut diamonds are compared and considered as emerald diamonds, but in reality, there is a great difference in its features and its shape as well. An Asscher diamond is square in shape. And a fun fact is the Asscher cut diamond is more in trend, especially amongst many celebs. It is shaped in such a way that the cuts and the facets are easily visible with the naked eyes. Its look is brilliant and no doubt it has proved it too.

Well, diamonds are one of the most mesmerising things, which cannot be resisted by any person. Yes, falling for such a beautiful piece of stone is something very obvious. And if you’re thinking of gifting it to your loved ones, it’s a great way to express your feeling. A diamond ring with one of the above-stated diamond cut is everyone’s dream I guess. But with this dream, you cannot forget its cost factor.

Diamonds are expensive and making an engagement or an anniversary ring with it might go out of your budget. But, you have got an alternative way as well. You can go for an ornament shop or a pawnshop for buying your diamond ring. We know diamonds are expensive, so before buying it think once that do you want to buy a new diamond or simply go for a second-hand diamond ring for the same price. Hence, if you don’t wish to spend more, buying a diamond ring from a pawnbroker or a jeweller is a great idea.