The annual Frankfurt Motor Show is an auto event. A large number of car prices, especially as the home of the European car prices released their latest models and cutting-edge technology. But if we carefully study the technical details behind Sensor the release model, you will find 800V new energy models and their supporting ultra-fast charging technology is quietly appear in more and more occasions.
   800V new energy models make ultra-fast charging possible. High-power transmission harness and control module volume becomes more compact. Mercedes-Benz booth is the absolute protagonist of the Mercedes-Benz AMG Project One concept sports car. From the shape of a can see Project One is a professional sports car. In fact, not only shape for the movement and students, the engine is directly from the F1 car equipped with 1.6L V6 engine. The maximum speed of the engine 11000 r / min. Equipped with 800V high-voltage lithium battery pack, making multiple sets Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor of high-power motor with the possible. The front axle of the car is driven by two 120kW high-power motors. The rear axle consists of a 120kW drive power generator MGU-K and 90kW electronic turbocharged motor MGU-H with V6 engine output powerful power. The total output power reached 1000 horsepower.

   Automatic driving plus new energy is the future of the car. The Audi brings the perfect combination of these two points - AICON concept car. With the Level 4/5 level AICON benefit from the bottom of the body capacity of 800V high voltage lithium battery, its pure life mileage of more than 700 km. 800V ultra-fast charging technology so that it can be charged to 80% in 30 minutes of electricity. Four-stage power motor composed of full-time four-wheel drive Quattro system can output 260kW power. Porsche 919 Hybrid racing success in this ultra-small size V-type four-cylinder 2.0T V4 engine with a unique hybrid system. Ultra-compact 2.0L displacement turbocharged engine, power reached nearly 500 horsepower. There is Temperature Sensor also a unique technology used by the Porsche 919 Hybrid model, which is the 800V high-voltage lithium battery used by the model. With the 800V high-performance powertrain, the Porsche 919 Hybrid won the Le Mans 24 Hours.

   800V high-voltage battery pack and its supporting the charging device to further charge the current fast charge 130 ~ 150kW to 350kW greatly enhance the power. The goal is to charge for 500 minutes to 500 km mileage, or 15 minutes to get more than 250 km mileage. This allows ultra-fast charging for the first time to be close to the traditional gasoline and diesel oil refueling in the efficient experience. Compared to the original 400V battery system, 800V has a higher voltage, corresponding to the same power transmitted by the current smaller. The wire diameter and weight of the high power harness are thus reduced. At the same time 800V voltage system is also driving the power of electronic silicon from the traditional silicon carbide SiC to the new process of change. Toyota and the supplier Denso cooperation in the Camry hybrid test vehicle began a real car test. Silicon carbide SiC compared to the original IGBT-based power control module PCU size reduced by 80%. And enhance energy efficiency by 10%.

  Through the Frankfurt Motor Show we found that more and more car prices began to release 800V new energy models. Although it is still higher than the industry standard, but with the Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Ford, Porsche and Audi Speed Sensor and other car companies have joined the 350kW CCS (Combined Charging System) integrated charging system, because of its ultra-fast charging and compact wiring and power electronics Characteristics, and perhaps soon will become the future of new energy vehicles benchmark.