New Jordans 2016 this year brought us a lot of classic color of the Air Jordan 12, and in front of this pair of wool version of Air Jordan 12 "Wool", the interpretation of the distinctive texture of the new experience. The shoe with wool and leather collision design, to restrain the dark gray shoe cover, followed by imprinting shoes to mention and the upper silver buckle to add a sub-stylish atmosphere, the daily casual wear is very appropriate. The upper material of wool become a big gimmick, but also a lot of people questioned the effect of its out, but when the physical map exposure, I believe that this concern will be broken up. System black upper is very imposing, while retaining the classic lizard skin at the same time, the upper most of the wool material, texture quite abundant. This appearance, we can see the Air Jordan 12 "OVO" and "Black Nylon" figure, which once again corroborated the OVO will be on sale rumors.
Cheap Jordans 2016 recently introduced a variety of Air Jordan 12 captive shoe fans, but this time with you first preview Air Jordan 12 Retro new "Wool" color design. Shoe body is different from the usual use of leather material, but instead of a unique gray wool fabric, so that shoes and more different. Outside the toe position is followed by a black serpentine leather, shoe body material to create a sense of contrast. The tongue on the "TWO 3" words and Jumpman logo on the white line embroidery, and to light gray outsole set off the overall color design. If the nylon material is not new enough, then the wool should be a good choice. Today, Jordan Brand for 2016 holiday series to create the wool version of the Air Jordan 12 Wool out spy photos, this section with high-grade wool with leather composition shoe body, and black throughout the shoe body, supplemented by metallic silver embellishment details, called this summer Silver and black, may be similar to the PSNY × Air Jordan12, but it is quite pleased that the selection has been a qualitative leap, the upper will be the color of the dark gray, metallic silver and black, Selection of high quality wool.
This year's big sweep of the city's New Jordans 2017 shoes can be described as full of tricks, this channel once again this time Emperor show this wearing a wool coat of the Air Jordan 12 Wool. This section uses high-grade black wool with leather composition shoe body, accompanied by metal silver embellishment details, called the sincerity of this summer. Shoes whole body to gray as the tone, the upper wool material and leather materials, it is very suitable for wearing in the winter Oh, and the texture is not the slightest to be replaced. Before we have reported Air Jordan 12 Wool will be officially shelves this fall, special vamp material made its concern, in the selection of wool as part of the elements, and the overall color scheme is dark gray, metallic silver, Black to match, it is conceivable that its pricing will not be low, but for the time being no spy photos released, but I believe that with the previous sale of Air Jordan 12 PSNY slightly similarities, we will continue to focus on.