The more well prepared you will be to find your ideal job, the more it will benefit you in the longer run, so make sure you have great diversity in your knowledge regarding job market. Followings are some great professions, which offer high job security, so take a look at them to increase your knowledge.

1.     Occupational Therapy Assistant

In the recent times, this profession has got into the limelight and the large number of job openings for it, reveals it is the lucrative profession. Patients really need them to manage long-lasting medical conditions or any physical trauma. And its median salary reaches up to $56,950.

2.     Accountants

As you find lots of accounting students around you so that moves you to understand this specific profession’s great scope and as education sector has evolved in this current era, so that paved a way for many job openings in the accounting field. The median salary of any accountant goes up to $65,940.

3.     Registered Nurse

They are the ones who are to focus on patient’s health condition and with they also perform different medical procedures & administer medicine. If you evaluate so you will find that they are in high demand too and their Median salary is $66,640.

4.     Cartographer

Cartographers are those who specialize in drawing different maps and in the recent times it is another profession that young pupils have got attracted to and if you talk about their Median salary so it actually goes up to $60,930.

5.     Web developer

It is another great profession and in fact it has been named as the fastest growing profession, which has paved a way for many young entrepreneurs to kick off their own journey. As you talk about their median salary so that is about 63,490.

6.     Physicians

As the medical industry has evolved in the recent times, so that brought out a great diversity in it and now there are professions within the medical industry, which are very popular. One of them is the profession of physician. Their median salary reaches up to $187,199 and it has been seen that many pupils are interested to acquire this profession.

7.     Operation Research Analyst

They are the ones who have to deal with the raw data and different mathematical equations in order to help the businesses to take the right decisions. And as we go through their median salary so it is $76,660. It requires fresh workers to have the bachelor’s degree in Math, industrial engineering or business.

8.     Statisticians

It is the profession which has been ranked as the highest one and that we can also understand by seeing large number of pupil having statistic as major in colleges. They are the ones who use data to make decisions and as far as their median salary is concerned so that reaches up to $79,990.

9.     Software Developer

They are the people who are involved in designing computer programs and in recent times this specific profession has also succeeded to become one of the attractive professions. As you go through their median salary so it is $95,510.

These are the top professions of the recent times and pupils’ interest in them is the indication that they offer high job security and good salaries.


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