Well, it's official.

My blog has been alive for over 1 year as of April 11th.

It's hard to believe.

April 11th will now be remembered in history as a good day.

I guess it's time to celebrate my 1 year anniversary.

If you look back in history you will find that there were not too many world changing events that occurred on April 11th.

Going way back in time to 491 Flavius Anastasius became the Byzantine Emperor, taking the name of Anastasius I.

I don't remember that happening.

Over a thousand years later, in 1876, the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks was formed.

That was a good thing.

They are still around today and still helping people.

We fast forward to 1968 when President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act of 1968, prohibiting discrimination in the sale, rental, and financing of housing.

I knew that fact because I got my real estate license last year.

That was a very impressive act of legislation for the U.S. as well as mankind in general.

I'm sure everyone in our Baby Boomer generation remembers the launch of Apollo 13 in 1970.

Not only was that a global historic event but it supplied the background for a wonderful Tom Hanks movie.

And as they say "last but not least"  on April 11th in 1976 the Apple I computer was created.

Now there was an event that changed the world.

Hopefully, in 50 years a chapter will be written about the importance and world changing impact my blog Survive55.com has had on the pages of history.

April 11, 2013

That was one year ago.

If you remember, Survive 55 started out rather simply.

Here are my opening thoughts to the "birth" of my blog:

"OK folks, the hard part is done.  My web page and blog are officially up and running.  This site will be continually upgraded as I learn more of the design logistics and I will do my best to maintain an exciting daily post.  Some posts will be good and I'm sure some will be anemic but I hope I can give you something to pause and think about each and every time you visit my blog.  Please remember, this is an open communication between us so I am expecting your responses, critiques, input, suggestions, recommendations, advice and even funny anecdotes."

Well, did I keep my word so far?

Yes, the website/blog is up and running.

Yes, I have gotten much better with the logistics and design of my website.

Yes, except for a few days during scheduling conflicts or vacations, I have posted a new blog every Monday through Friday.

If you have been a faithful follower you know that I even began weekend posts a few months ago with my "Silly Saturday" blogs.

I haven't added them up but I bet I've posted somewhere around 300 blogs last year.

That even surprises me.

Were some of my posts "Anemic?"


Were some of my posts "Good?"

I guess that's up to you to decide.

Did I give you reason to "Pause and Think" about what I had written every so often.

I would like to believe I did.

I have definitely learned a lot this past year.

I learned tons of things about our Baby Boomer generation through the research I did for the articles I wrote.

I learned about the functions, tools and process of website development and how to actually build things on the internet.

I learned about marketing and SEO (search engine optimization) and developing business relationships in a mysterious and wonderful community that I never traveled to before called the world wide web.

And most importantly, I learned a lot from you, my Baby Boomer followers.

It has been your input, guidance, suggestions, advice and funny anecdotes that have elevated both my blog and myself personally to a much better place.

I Thank everyone including my family, friends, followers, fellow bloggers and even those folks that stopped by on occasion to see what I was up to whole heartedly for your support, encouragement and participation in making Survive 55 a success.

I am confident that we will continue to grow and become the first place our Baby Boomer generation turns to for answers and direction.

So, for the second time I will leave you all with 5 very powerful quotes from the Chinese philosopher, Lao-Tzu, the founder of Taoism and the writer of the book "Tao Te Ching" (The Book of the Way). 

He was born in 605 BC.

Maybe he was born on April 11th?

I'll have to check on that.

That was a very, very, very long time ago but these truths ring true even louder today in our modern society.

Follow these and you will live a better, more fulfilling life. 

                                 "A journey of a thousand miles begins beneath your feet"

                         "Seek not happiness too greedily and be not fearful of happiness"

                         "He who knows does not speak.  He who speaks does not know."

                    "He who knows others is wise.  He who knows himself is enlightened"
         "Manifest plainness.  Embrace simplicity.  Reduce selfishness.  Have few desires."

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The more Baby Boomers we can help,  the better place we make this world !!!

Thanks for joining me..........................................................