Dreams and other adventures we have while the body sleeps is one of those topics we'll likely return to frequently.  In my experience there are often people who feel they need help understanding some of their dreams. i don't like to 'tell' people what their dreams mean...but i enjoy facilitating their own realizations of meaning. i usually do this thru asking questions---which i generally tell them they need not give me the answers but need to think about the answers themselves.  So you've been warned...i'd always rather teach someone how to do something than just do it for them.

Also dreams come in various modes, serve various purposes--physiological, psychological and spiritual.  When i was a teen many aspects of my dream states were written off by neuro-science as my 'imagination' or fualty memory. Now they acknowledge things like lucid dreaming.  Recently read of research that posits that lucid dreamers are more 'secure' individuals because we have faced down many of fears in dreams and carried the resulting confidence into our waking lives.  They could have been a bit more clear that it takes some time if you have a life that has incubated a lot of fears.

Over the months, years to come we will likely talk often about dreams, but for now let me ask how do YOU dream?  Do you remember them often (keep in mind medications can interfere with dreaming and with the memory processes involved in recalling them)? Whether you remember many of your dreams or few...is that how it has always been for you---or is it a change?  If it's a change from when you were younger--did you make an effort to change your awareness of your dreams or was it not deliberate?  Have you ever had precognitive dreams? Problem solving dreams? Lucid dreams?  If you've had lucid dreams most of your life---do feel they may be a factor in your current mental state? ie did they help with any 'issues' in your life---fears, aspirations...anything?

As with all my 'openers'...don't feel you have to answer all (or even any) of the questions--just what's relevant to you and you are comfortable sharing.  And feel free to add questions as well as comments of your own.  To me a discussion is an organic thing---that grows and evolves.

For myself, i've been keenly aware of my dreams since early childhood, tho my earliest memories 'felt' more like alternate lives i was living while this body slept (and i still get those sometimes). i'm blessed/cursed with an excellent memory, tho not quite eidetic, so i remember not only actual early childhood (toddlerhood) events but dreams from those years too...only a few---striking, significant ones---some of which i did not recognize as dreams till old enough to reason it out that they were.  Most people who took the Silva meditation course with me used it to program themselves to remember dreams...i used it to put some filters on---i just don't feel i need to be consciously aware of 'defrag' dreams---what i call those that sort the days' input into 'important', 'save' may need, and 'delete'.  Once labeled 'important' my conscious mind will recall whatever it is. 

What is your relationship to your dreams? How do you deal with and make use of them???