Dental implantation is the process of insertion of any object partially or completely into the jawbone beneath the gum of the patient. It is a boon for those having missing teeth. It has overcome the disadvantages of many conventional teeth restoration methods. It is mainly made up of titanium. Per Ingvar Branemark is considered as the father of dental implantation.

Some of the advantage of dental implants includes stable chewing capability, improved psychological health, increased retention, etc. Dental implants are mainly classified based on implant design. For the patients looking for the gratified dental implant service, Maroubra Dental Avenue is the best choice.

Basically, dental implant types are classified as below:

1. Endosteal implant:

In this type of dental implant, a device is placed in the basal bone of the jaw. It is a very effective way of implantation and it is two stage procedures. In this process, first a thin plate or a device is directly implanted into the jawbone surgically and close the gum tissue with stitches. After the area is healed, a minor surgery is again conducted to uncover the implant so that the abutment and the temporary restoration are attached. This type of dental implementation is very commonly used. Research has shown that this type of implementation has a very good rate of success and most of the dentists recommend this type of implementation. There are basically three types of endosteal implants. They are:

  • Blade implant: In this type of endosteal implant, a thin plate is embedded into the bone in the form of a blade.
  • Ramus frame implant: In this type of endosteal implant, a device which is in the shape of horse shoe is inserted into the jawbone of the patient.
  • Root form implant: In this type of endosteal implant, a device is designed that mimics the shape of the teeth and inserted into the jawbone of the patient.

2. Subperiosteal implant:

It uses single stage procedure. In this process, a single piece device is implanted in the jaw bone. After the area is healed, the abutment and crown are placed to uncover the implant instead of performing surgery again. It is a process that can safely hold dentures of even those patients whose bone height is not enough. In this type of implant, the healing abutments are conducted at the time of initial surgery. For the people worried about the right treatment, Maroubra Dental Avenue is undoubtedly the best option. But in this type of dental implantation, extra care should be taken to ensure that the healing process does not get interfered.  This type of implant is very popular and it has a very good rate of success.

3. Transosteal implant:

It is mainly used in the lower part of the jaw bones. In this process, metallic pin or U-shaped metallic frame are inserted through an alveolar socket and the bone. However, this type of implant has a less rate of success as compared to endosteal implant and subperiosteal implant.

4. Intramucosal implant:

In this type of implant, a mushroom shaped titanium device is inserted into the oral mucosa. In this process, mucosa also known as mucosa membrane is used as an attachment for metal insertion.