Inbound contact centres have always been quite concerned about how to improve their operational efficiency and achieve overall excellence.  These contact centres are willingly taking multiple strategic, far-sighted, and result-oriented actions that can warrant impeccable functioning of overall processes, and they are quite open to embracing progressing technologies as well.  Although these actions have been helping call centres over the years quite a lot in achieving a high level of excellence, but they have actually failed to evaluate their efficiency comprehensively so as to get better understanding of areas that need improvement.  There are some crucial metrics that can give call centres better understanding of their productivity, efficiency, and performance, which can be easily comparted with their capability.  This blog lists four major performance metrics of inbound contact centres that decision makers must take into consideration.

First call resolution rate:  All the successful inbound call centre firms are quite particular about this metric and they have instructed their professionals to monitor this as regularly as possible.  It is quite clear that delivering right solutions to customers is the only function of any call centre, and when you monitor when those right solutions are provided or delivered, it will give more accurate picture of the area of expertise of your customer care professionals.

Average call handling time:  Even if you have delivered right solutions on the first call, then also you just cannot afford to waste significant duration of time on those calls.  If you can handle more than three calls during the time you have spent on one call, then you certainly lack excellence in customer service, and therefore, average call handling time should always be monitored in any call centre.

Cost per call:  Needless to mention, setting up a call centre infrastructure, hiring crucial resources, and facilitating work environment involve lots of investments, and the best way to calculate the profit would be to divide the overall investment by the number of call received.  Then, you can compare them with the compensation that clients have promised.  This comparison will reflect how proficient the overall business is!  Therefore, decision makers should pay intact attention on cost per call while evaluating the efficiency of inbound call centre.

Call abandonment rate Although this should not happen at all, but even then sometimes things go beyond control and you have to embrace unfortunate fate!  But this does not give you a reason to ignore those figures pertaining to abandoned calls.  You must ideally monitor this number closely in order to avoid any unforeseen challenge in an adroit manner.

In short, these are four crucial inbound call centre performance metrics, and all the decision makers and strategists should closely monitor these metrics to get clear understanding of their efficiency and performance.