Pain for older people is a common experience they have to face. The extent to which pain affects one’s daily lifestyle gets worse with age. Therefore, suffering silently with persistent pain and delaying getting it treated makes no reason. As per reputed healthcare professionals, receiving adequate pain management that conserves the ability to meet daily activities and improves quality of life is every patient’s right.

There’s no denying the fact that good pain management keeps on healthy and allow them to eat well, stay active and enjoy a normal personal, professional & social life. Studies say that there are certain reasons due to which some people remain silent about their pain. These reasons are:

l  Believing that the pain is unavoidable or can’t be cured

l  Fear that the pain will increase with underlying disease getting worse

l  Urge to avoid expensive tests or visiting the hospital

However, it is important to understand that it is possible to manage the pain in most of the cases. Pain management Greenville can help you overcome the situation if the pain is associated with: 

·         Loss of appetite

·         Increased difficulty with thinking  (dementia)

·         Depression and anxiety

·         Increased cost to the healthcare system

·         Poor sleep or insomnia

·         Inability to carry out daily functions

Common Types of Pain

Pain is wither acute or persistent. Also, it is possible to experience both types of pain simultaneously. Let’s know a bit more about both these forms of pain:

1. Acute pain: It takes place quickly and does not last for long. Most of the time, it is caused due to surgery, injury or any sort of tissue damage. When the injury heals, it goes away.

2. Persistent pain: Also know as chronic pain, it refers to the pain that lasts for at least 3 to 6 months. It may or may not be associated with an injury or disease. If this is the pain you go through, you are prone to suffer from depression or anxiety. Also, you may feel that your quality of life and daily functioning has been affected.

Reasons Behind Pain

There are different causes behind the pain. If there’s pain related to bones, muscles and organs, it is a response to injury or disease. It mostly stays in a particular area and goes away with the effective treatment and medicines.

If the pain is caused by damaged nerves, it causes unusual sensations that are difficult to locate and are difficult to be treated with pain relievers.

How Common is Pain in Older People?

Researches show that approximately 25-50% older people living at home and about 80% of older people who live in nursing homes, go through extreme pain.

Pain such as back pain, declines as people get older. However, large joint pain in knees, feet or hip increases. Last but not the least, as close as 12% older adults go through widespread pain and women suffer more than men.


If you have any sort of pain that’s not going, get it examined by pain management Henderson and get back to a normal & painless life.