Ok, we know how it goes. You’re having a group of people over and maybe you decide to pull out a glass of wine and everything is going really great, until the drunk girl at the party spills her entire wine glass all over your white carpet. The stain is impenetrable, and it doesn’t seem like any amount of blotting will make the red stain get out of the white carpet.

This of course is the life situation of the dummy carpet cleaner, and so we are here to help out all of the common folks towards making sure that they can get their carpets cleaned on their own without spending a bunch of money on a professional carpet cleaning service or equipment rental.

You’d literally have to be your golden retriever who peed all over the carpet to not figure out these DIY carpet cleaning tips.

We also are considering human pee stains as well, because well, we just understand that things happen sometimes…

So the first of our DIY carpet cleaning tips for dummies is to do the club soda technique, and this might seem like an urban legend because club soda on itself usually won’t quite do the trick. But what is the trick is to combine club soda and vinegar in a spray bottle and spray the solution on the stain and let it sit. Go walk around, watch some TV, then come back and rinse out the spot with really warm water. Then get a towel and something that can put weight on the towel so it is sinking deep into the carpet. You could use something like a phone book or a dumb bell; anything heavy will work here to absorb the stain out of the carpet.

Also, for all those bros out there, you can use your shaving cream as a DIY substitute for a bunch of other carpet cleaning solutions. It’s crazy how well something like shaving cream can work, but any dummy can do this technique because it really does a great job, and it’s really easy. All you really need to do is spray the shaving cream all around the carpet stain and spread it around in the carpet softly and let it sit on the carpet for about thirty minutes to an hour. So you can go watch an HBO show or something like that and then come back and you should be ready to blot out the stain.

Now this next carpet cleaning truly is for dummies, and we as dummies ourselves understand that this could be one of the best ways to get rid of some serious stains that won’t come out. What you do with this tip is put a piece of gum on the carpet stain and then place an ice cube on top of the gum and let the gum sit and freeze. Once the gum is frozen you use a spoon to scoop the frozen gum off the carpet, and it should rip out some carpet fibers, including the pesky stain.

Also this next tip is really great towards helping out any type of wax stain, and we know that when things get a little bit heated and a dummy is having a romantic evening they will want to light some candles, and more than likely forget about those candles subsequently leading to some pretty hard wax stains. So the only way to really get rid of wax stain is to heat the wax back up, and the best way to do this is to place a towel on top of the wax stain and then get an iron and iron the towel until the wax melts and then wipe it all off the carpet. This works pretty well, but you DEFINITELY NEED TO BE CAREFUL.

You don’t want to be that guy who ends up burning his carpet with an iron trying to clean it up. Trust us, it’s a lot more possible than it originally might seem.

So good luck and let us know if you have any other carpet cleaning questions or concerns and we’d be happy to help you out.

Article written by Carpet Cleaning in Corpus Christi