With the loss of my job this year, due to my Meniere's Disease, some hair loss, probably stress related and the loss of a ffriend in a house fire this year has been a lot to take in.  You try to gain back some losses but we all know how difficult that can be.  My friend I met online doing genealy work.  He helped people research their family roots.  He thought of me more of a girl friend and called me his soulmate.   I did not feel that close.  We communicated by Internet then anything else.  But I feel that loss of our times online researching which is my big hobby.  I realize I do miss him.  And the fact he died so tragically.   I was to speak to him the day he died.  I tried to call him 3 times that day and that night I recieved a text he died that morning.   There was no closure for me so now every time I see the tail trail of a airplane I,think of him.   He thought it was crazy that he loved me even though we never met.  I did too.   


Just wondering ing about some ideas on this.