In addition to light intensity, image sensor and active detection of ultrasonic, microwave, millimeter-wave radar, but also includes pressure, level, flow, location, height, distance, speed, speed, torque, acceleration, temperature, humidity, gas concentration Sensor And other sensors, as well as for the bus bus CAN bus intelligent sensor

   Hyundai has become closer to the 'automatic car', 'smart car', car sensors will also become the advanced system of 'nerve endings' for the central processor to provide the necessary information, such as the external environment of various physical signals And parameters. It can be said that there is no variety of sensors to achieve Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor the intelligent mechanical equipment. As long as there is a new car application system, will give birth to a new car sensor and supporting.

Electronic information technology has become a leading factor in the direction of the development of new generation of cars, automotive power performance, handling performance, safety performance and comfort performance and other aspects of improvement and improvement, will depend on the mechanical system and structure and electronic products, information technology The perfect combination of electronic technology has made the development of the concept of automotive products has undergone profound changes. At present, in addition to some car audio, video equipment, automotive communications, navigation systems Temperature Sensor and automotive office systems, network systems and other electronic devices in the nature of less changes, the modern automotive electronics from the application of electronic components to the car electronic system Of the architecture have entered a new stage of essential improvement, one of the most representative of the core device is the smart sensor.

A wide range of products have been deeply integrated into the various functional systems of the vehicle, including engine management systems, chassis and drive systems, safety systems, body electronic systems, air conditioning systems and so on. From the development trend of automotive sensors, it will not only be limited to the engine management system, but more and more with environmental protection, security and intelligence together. The next few years, the use of automotive engines and drives is still the largest application of smart sensors, although its growth trend will be no other applications so obvious; exhaust emissions control sensor demand growth prospects are still optimistic Speed Sensor about the world's automobile exhaust emissions Restrictive regulations are becoming more stringent, which will vigorously drive the growth of the emissions control sensor market.

In addition, with the focus of automotive safety technology from passive safety to active safety, security applications will be a huge growth potential of the market. For car consumers, safety first, its importance lies in performance, entertainment and fuel efficiency. The direct push and influence of the government is a major reason for the rapid development of car safety applications.

The Chinese government is also considering forced heavy vehicles equipped with ABS systems to improve road safety conditions. Although China does not require the use of tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) of the relevant provisions, but this application also appeared in the growth trend. Tire pressure sensor is just one example. Will see the safety and security areas will have more and more applications, can make the car itself becomes more secure, more comfortable and more efficient. Hyundai Motor must use more sensors to improve the degree of intelligence. Security applications will be one of the key growth areas.
  China is one of the key growth drivers, the fastest growing. As a developing market, most of China's car configurations are very basic, but with the rapid growth of China's economy Throttle Position Sensor and the increasing emphasis on security issues for customers, the market will need more powerful cars. On the one hand, semiconductor growth will increase due to the growth of automobile production; the other hand, the customer for the safety of automotive safety expectations, will be China's automotive sensor market to create a huge potential.