Just as i tend to 'metathink' (think about  how form thoughts/opinions/beliefs)  i tend to write poems about poetry and prose:

The Uses and Misuses of Language

T.S. Eliot had a point that poetry can be an escape from emotion.
We can distance ourselves from pain, anger, even guilt
by the metaphors and similies we use.
But with a nod to Kilmer it must be said:
i think that we will rarely see a metaphor used flawlessly.

Consider how we talk about the lover of whom we're wearying:
How intolerable become the quirks we once found so endearing.
What we would dismiss or destroy we devalue systematicly.
When we demonize the 'enemy' despite Nietzsche's warnings,
We become the monster from whom we claim to protect others.

Do you draw varied landscapes with your words?
Choosing form and tone and linguistic devices to suit the meaning?
As flora would your body of work be meticulously manicured ?
Perhaps a wildflower meadow, chaotic with color?
Or, like Frost's woods, would it be dark and deep?

Are your inspirations fleeting annuals?
Or are there perennial themes you revisit and rework?
Woody Guthrie once said the main trouble with poetry
was it leaves too much blank space on each page.
But sometimes what's most important is what's left unsaid.

© efbarmore 10/24/09