What it’s all about?

The protein shakes from Nutrisystem is in four powder form flavors that only need water for mixing. It promises to take off the pounds and keep it off when diligently combined with Nutrisystem prepackaged meals. You have a choice from four varied shake flavors which are:

  • Smooth vanilla

  • Creamy chocolate

  • Sweet strawberry

  • Refreshing coffee

The nutritional value for each shake serving includes:

  • Carbohydrate, 8 grams

  • Fiber, 1 gram

  • Sugar, 6 grams

  • Calories, 110

  • Protein, 15 grams

Two varied meal plans to go with the shakes are:

  • Prepackaged meal plans for vegetarians

  • Prepackaged meal plans for diabetics

Each protein shake mix costs $1.43 and purchasing seven packs outright costs $10. There is a money back guarantee for the first 14 days over the remaining shake packs if you don’t find it to your liking.


Ingredients packed in each protein shake powder include:

  • High Oleic Sunflower Oil

Avoiding the onset of heart ailments as well as controlling the levels of cholesterol is aided better with high oleic sunflower oil.


  • Whey Protein Concentrate

An excellent by-product of cheese, whey protein concentrate contains the right amount of cholesterol, protein, and fat along with significant amounts of carbohydrates and bioactive compounds concentrated in its lactose ingredient. The high concentration of the whey protein helps to curb appetite and hunger pangs. Drinking the protein shake before working out results in more efficient fat burning.


  • Vitamin A Palmitate

Eye and skin problems are better treated with a dose of Vitamin A Palmitate. Good and proper cell maintenance is also one of the best health benefits gained from this vitamin.


  • Calcium Phosphate


Calcium phosphate is a crucial component to have in the body to protect the health of the teeth and bones.



What does it claim to do?

A single serve of protein shakes from Nutrisystem claims to be a dietary supplement packed with Vitamin C, high concentrations of whey protein, calcium, and fiber to keep you full until the next meal schedule. This feeling of fullness gets rid of binge eating or the choice of unhealthy snack foods to tide you over until lunch or dinner. The change in your habitual eating habits done by the protein shakes eventually leads to weight loss. Making a habit of drinking the protein shakes instead of grabbing calorie-laden snacks to satisfy hunger pangs is an excellent form of maintaining the weight loss.


However, the protein shakes should never take the place of a meal but rather a way to complement a prepackaged meal from Nutrisystem or any other foods that are healthy choices. The suggested dose for the shakes is twice per day to be taken around 30-45 minutes before any major meal. The shakes can take the place of snacks and pair with a good exercise program takes off the pounds and keep it off for a long time or for a lifetime.


Like everything else in the world, everything has a good and not-so-good side.


The Good

  • The shakes give extra boosts of energy to keep you active the whole day

  • They do taste good with the sweet taste to perfectly satisfy the sweetest tooth

  • The 14 days money back guarantee is a win-win deal that gives you the chance to continue or cancel anytime

  • The high protein and fiber content in the shakes are great ways to burn fat while curbing your appetite

  • The four different flavors means getting the one/s you want


The Not So Good

  • The protein shakes are not for women who are breastfeeding

  • They are not for pregnant women and for individuals below 18

  • May result in flatulence, gas,

  • Losing weight means pairing the shakes with a good exercise program

  • May result in constipation

  • May give you headaches

  • May result in fatigue

  • May make you feel dizzy


What people say

Mixed reviews from users have been seen with their consumption of the protein shakes. However, the majority of users recommend it for the positive results the shakes did in taking off the extra weight and keeping it off. Some of the nay Sayers says that the frozen meals paired with the shakes as their food and drink program complain about the bland taste of the prepackaged foods.


In closing

The protein, fiber, and other nutrients found in the shakes are healthy options for the body. The meal programs that are paired with the shakes are the best ways to change the eating lifestyle when losing weight is the ultimate goal. The meal program targeted for diabetics is a fantastic way of keeping the glucose levels normal while shedding off unwanted weight as well.


Encouraging individuals not to rely on the shakes alone when it comes to weight loss is realistic. Diet alone can only take you too far in your journey towards weight loss. Pairing diet and exercise is the only way to go when the goal is for losing weight in a healthy manner. Consulting with a health professional before taking the step towards a healthier lifestyle is the smartest thing to do to save you time, effort, and money.