A word or two strung together

A story of my love

A memory from then and now

Time I keep thinking of


The times we held each other

Soft kisses that we share

Words we offered one another

To show how much we care


Holding hands and walking

Down a sunny sandy beach

Grasping at the sky above

Could there be a star in reach


Good times filled with laughter

How we share each others love

My heart so full of caring

You are all that I think of


My happiness

My joy in life

Sweet tenderness

My lovely wife


I am so glad I finally met you

There is little time left we can share

And yet ever since creation

It was for you I was there


Why did we not meet sooner?

What were we thinking of

Please hold me close my darling


And reaffirm our love.

Rew 12/11/13