There are a huge number of motorcycle manufacturers across the world but only a few, have had the opportunity to be famous makers of these timeless and wondrous machines. Among them, ‘Triumph’ can be known as one of the leading ones that has being able to uphold a legacy that has its roots as far back as the 1980s. At the very beginning this world-renowned British brand was named as ‘Triumph Engineering’ which was later changed to ‘Bonneville Coventry Ltd.’, after it was taken into receivership by John Bloor. The new company continued to produce the existing line of bikes that were well known for their style and elegance and have still managed to maintain their status as a top manufacturer of motorbikes, even to this very day.


Gaining Popularity through Movies


Offering a variety of bike models ranging from the more traditional classics to more modern sporty ones, Triumph has always managed to have a good reputation for making motorbikes with a more masculine finish. One of the main reasons for this popularity was due to these bikes being used in many iconic Hollywood movies. Famous stars like Marlon Brando, Clint Eastwood, Steve McQueen, etc. has used them, especially the Bonneville model of Triumph, which became an instant icon around the world, due to the limelight. This made the demand for these bikes rise in overseas, especially in the United States where these were even made under a license agreement. The reputation that Triumph brand holds has also allowed them to even provide good competition for the famous US brands like, Harley Davidson as well.


A Wider Range of Models to Choose From


Even though they started their production line with more traditional models, Triumph motorcycles nowadays provide a wide range of bike models to choose from that suit the vivid tastes of different riders. Their ‘Adventure and touring’ range includes models like Trophy and Tiger 800 while the famous Bonneville, Street twin, Scrambler and Thruxton falls under ‘Modern Classics’ range. ‘Cruisers’ like Thunderbird and Rocket have still managed to retain a good demand on the market and the Daytona and Speed/Street Triple models of the ‘Roadsters and supersports’ range has managed to provide aggressive power required for the road. Also the aforementioned classic Triumph models have also managed to earn a good name in the ‘Vintage motorbike’ market and are becoming more and more valuable with the passing of time.


Finding the Right Parts


Also if you are planning on upgrading/replacing parts and accessories to make your Triumph bike all the more perfect, it can be a bit of a challenge to find just the right part for your ride as there are a vast number of different models currently available for this brand in the market. The fact that these bikes have been around even longer than Harleys has also made this a bit difficult. But if you can clearly identify whether you require an aftermarket or OEM part, a thorough research on the internet will allow you to find just the right accessory needed for your precious Triumph, through well reputed dealers.


All in all, these perfectly designed motorbikes which initially originated in the United Kingdom have become a renowned brand across the entire globe now because of the versatility and performance that they have been able to provide through their rides.

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