The tiny house market is crowded these days, but a new design out of Green Mountain College stands out: a sweeping, incandescent module far grander than its 70-square-feet of living space would suggest. The house was built by students in Green Mountain's Renewable Energy and Ecological Design program under the direction of professor Lucas Brown, and it's loaded with off-the-grid features- solar panel electricity, a system that feeds rainwater into the kitchen and the toilet, and a compost device for human waste. The house is designed to be towed on a trailer behind a 4-cylinder car and is billed as the house of the new American Dream- a small, cultivated space for eco-conscious, rootless Millenials (who understand they'll never be able to buy into their parents' old neighborhoods).

Inside, the snug home contains a bed, desk, composting indoor toilet, rainwater collection system, a rudimentary sink, and a small Fastco wood-burning stove. A 120 W solar panel is affixed to the front of the dwelling and serves all electricity needs.

The total cost of OTIS (not including labor) comes to between US$8,000 and $10,000.

Source: Green Mountain College