Hi. My name is Julie but you can call me anything you wish. =) On the old eons site, I was known as dlly, and some still call me that. Other times, I’ve been called various things, some of which probably is best not repeated. I’m a Sagittarian, born in December 1935, which makes me 78 at this time, and a “clown of the Universe” the rest of my time. I was born in El Paso, Texas, and twelve days later was brought to New Mexico via Greyhound Bus Lines. Except for an 8-month stay in Maine in 1954 and an 11-month stay in Texas in 2009, I’ve always been a resident of New Mexico. On the dating site, where I met a very nice gentleman 3 years ago and have become very good friend since then, I chose the status of spiritual rather than religious. I’m a very strong believer that we are spiritual entities clothed in a physical body to experience life in this reality for some specific purpose. Paranormal activities have always fascinated me although, like most of us, I don’t understand how or why they work the way they do. I only know that they fascinate me and I’m a firm believer there are so much greater powers at play in our lives than we realize, or can even imagine. Therefore, I’m always looking for signs and reasons. Roswell, where the alien spacecraft crashed in the 40s, is 100 miles from here. I was raised on a small cotton farm, so I’m familiar with plants and the work it takes to care for them. That goes for animals, too. Our animals, with the exception of a few cats and dogs, had a purpose in our family life. We had horses that were used in the fields or for transportation. Cows were for milk, chickens for meat and eggs, pigs furnished food, cats kept rodents at bay, and dogs let us know when something or someone was nearby that was strange to the area. While I enjoy animals, I gladly let others enjoy them as pets and an extension of their family. I have two sons, both of whom keep pets. One son has 4 cats, the other has 2 dogs and 1 cat. All are “indoor” pets. I have no grandchildren, and I’m fine with that. I retired from 38 years in retail, having owned a clothing business for 16 years and later turned it into a silk flower and gift shop. I used to call myself a “silk florist.” Silk flowers, rather than fresh, appealed to me for 3 specific reasons. With them, I avoided refrigeration, deterioration, and government inspectors. Now, I live a very simple rural life, and I suppose most folks would describe me as that typical crotchety old woman with a weird outlook. If you’ve read all this, thanks for your time and interest, and thanks for letting me be part of this group.