ABS is in the ordinary brake system on the basis of the wheel speed sensor, ABS electronic control unit, brake pressure regulator and brake control circuit and so on. During the braking process, the ABS electronic control Sensor unit constantly from the sensor and obtain the wheel speed signal, and to deal with, to analyze whether the wheel is about to lock the drag. If there is no wheel is about to lock the drag, the brake pressure regulator does not participate in the work , The brake master cylinder and the brake wheel cylinder connected to the brake wheel cylinder pressure continues to increase, that is, ABS braking process in the state of pressurization.
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  Front wheel slip, such as walking through the ice and snow sections. Because the front and rear wheel rotation is different, while stepping on the brake is likely to cause the difference between front and rear wheel brakes, ABS lights will light up. This situation more step on the foot of the brake ABS lamp will be off, or the key to turn the ignition that file, but do not fire, this time the instrument lights Suction Control Valve all bright (computer self-test), a few seconds self- The lights are off, and then the fire, this may be abs lamp may be off.

The ABS sensor on the wheel is covered by dirt, mud and other pollution sources. The sensor senses the corresponding vehicle speed signal so that the ABS computer can not judge the vehicle speed and can not determine the slip rate of the wheel, and can not issue the corresponding action command to adjust the braking The If the ABS and hand brake lights at the same time light, it indicates Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor that the vehicle's braking system may be a serious failure, this time must not continue to drive, should immediately stop the car parked on the roadside, timely contact with the repair station

   If the electronic control unit judges that a certain wheel is assumed to be about to lock the left front wheel, it instructs the brake pressure regulator to close the passage of the brake master cylinder and the left front brake wheel cylinder so that the left front brake wheel The pressure of the cylinder is no longer increased, that is, ABS braking process of the holding state.If the electronic control unit to determine the left front wheel still tends to hold the drag and slip state, it is issued to the brake pressure regulator command, open The left front brake Speed Sensor  wheel cylinder and the reservoir or the energy storage channel, so that the left brake wheel cylinder in the oil pressure drop, that is, ABS braking process in the decompression state.