Accelerator pedal is what we often say that the throttle, the traditional pull the throttle through the end of the wire and the accelerator pedal connected to the other end connected with the throttle, its transmission ratio is 1: 1, that is, how much we use the foot, throttle The opening angle is how much, but in many cases, the throttle valve should not open such a large angle, so this time the angle Sensor of the throttle valve is not necessarily the most scientific, although this approach is very direct but its control accuracy is difference. And the electronic throttle it is through the cable or harness to control the throttle opening, from the surface to see the cable is replaced by the traditional throttle cable but in essence not only simply change the connection, but the power of the entire vehicle output To achieve automatic control function.
  When the driver needs to accelerate the need to accelerate the throttle, the pedal position sensor will pass the cable to the ECU, ECU analysis, judgment, and issued a command to the drive motor, driven by the motor control throttle opening to adjust Flammable mixture flow, in the big load, the throttle opening large, into the cylinder of combustible mixture, and more if the use of cable throttle can only rely on the foot of the accelerator pedal to control the depth of the throttle opening, it is difficult to section The valve opening angle can be adjusted Temperature Sensor to achieve the theoretical air-fuel ratio state, and electronic throttle through the ECU sensor to collect a variety of data analysis, comparison, and issued a directive to the throttle actuator action, the throttle to the best position , In order to achieve different load and operating conditions can be close to 14.7: 1 theoretical air-fuel ratio state, so that fuel can be fully burned.

  Electronic throttle control system mainly by the accelerator pedal, pedal displacement sensor, ECU (electronic control unit), data bus, servo motor and throttle actuator. The displacement sensor is installed inside the accelerator pedal and monitors the position of the accelerator pedal at any time. When the accelerator pedal height is changed, it will send this information to the ECU. The ECU will process the information and other data from the system to calculate a control signal, send it to the servo motor relay, The motor drives the throttle actuator, and the data bus is responsible for communication between the system ECU and other ECUs. As the electronic throttle system ABS Sensor is through the ECU to adjust the throttle, so the electronic throttle system can set a variety of functions to improve driving safety and comfort, the most common is the ASR (traction control system) and speed control system (cruise control ).

  Pull the throttle is to use mechanical direct control throttle work, and electronic throttle is the first to send a signal to the computer, and then the computer and then control the throttle work. The advantages of the throttle throttle is that the throttle responds quickly, but is not fuel efficient, the electronic throttle is slightly slow to respond, but can achieve better fuel efficiency.