The car safety system has evolved from passive to active. Passive security systems are designed to reduce personal injury when accidents occur, but active safety systems emphasize the need to avoid accidents. This kind of prior prevention capability depends Sensor on various sensing devices set up inside and outside the car, such as radar, infrared, CMOS / CCD image sensor, tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) and so on. Based on different security claims, these monitored data are calculated by a specific controller, analyzing the meaning of their representation, and making the appropriate response at the fastest possible rate. The advanced safety systems that have been used or developed in the market have been craving in the market.

  Traffic accidents occur mainly in collisions, and the reasons for the collision are often related to the concentration of the driver's attention, or poor line of sight, and the accident is usually only between the moment. In the protection of pedestrians, when the radar, infrared or image sensor and other components to detect the body is about to hit the pedestrian, the pre-collision system will inform the driver urgently, and the collision is inevitable, as described above start the automatic braking system, Open the airbag at the bumper and the front windshield to reduce damage to pedestrians' head, chest and feet. For the driver, when the pre-crash safety system detects the impact of the impact through the radar system, it will warn Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor the driver that if the collision can not be avoided, the automatic braking system will be activated before 0.6 seconds. According to the driver's brake power, increase the brake hydraulic assistance, so that the vehicle slowdown action is more accurate, in order to be able to minimize the speed; at the same time, the pre-collision system will drive the seat belt system motor, The seatbelt is rolled back and the occupant is secured in the best position, such as adjusting the headrest position to prevent neck injury or moving the chair to a position where the airbag can function most, with a view to reducing the impact To the lowest. In addition, the system can also make closed windows and skylights and other control actions.

  From the passive safety to the pre-collision system, are the last resort when the crash treatment measures, but the best situation is to do in advance to prevent the occurrence of the collision. Through the configuration of the car around, more and more sensors, and more advanced digital control technology, today's owners can get from the security system of auxiliary driving information, in the detection of possible crisis, the timely warning signal, or even Able to intervene in the control of the car. Adaptive cruise control is such a system, its main function is when the car is too close when the vehicle deceleration, when the distance is enough to accelerate the car. In addition to the control of the collision Temperature Sensor and speed processing, the driver of the various acts, but also through a variety of sensing systems to monitor and make warning action. These warnings include lane departure warnings (driving safety warnings, visual deadline warnings, etc.) More and more sensors, more powerful centers of calculation and control of brakes, engines, airbags and other devices will form more complex vehicles (In-vehicle network), which requires more real-time processing performance and data transfer capabilities, which will allow drivers to drive more easily and safely, and also help reduce traffic accidents or reduce events The severity of the.

  Lane departure warning is when the vehicle is not properly off the lane line when the warning action, assist the driver to control the vehicle to keep in the lane line, or to remind the driver to change the lane must first hit the direction of light. If the driver in advance to play the direction of light, and then change the lane, which belongs to the normal behavior, the system will not issue a warning signal. The driving hazard warning system uses an image sensor to monitor the driver's behavior and warns when the driver is asleep or when the line of sight is off the lane for too long. Some systems even monitor the concentration of alcohol in the driver's seat and make appropriate warnings. In addition, the driver's line of sight there are ABS Sensor many dead ends, through the installation of the side of the corner and the rear dead angle monitor, the driver can provide visual deadline related to environmental information. For example, the use of CCD or ultrasound for the rear of the object monitoring, imaging and warning, to avoid the vehicle when the accident occurred reversing.

  For the driver, useful information can alleviate some of the perceived burden of manipulation and help him make the appropriate strain, but if the warning message is too frequent and does not have much effect, this will only make the driver feel unbearable Its interference, and then refused to use such a set of auxiliary systems. Another question is how to alert the driver to the driver, such as voice, screen / dashboard display, or by driving the driver with a vibrating accelerator pedal, steering wheel, or body motion.

   To make the right warning and even the system monitoring, the key lies in the full and useful sensing information, as well as the identification or judgment of the information, the former need to rely on the sensor is widely set, the latter have to rely on the reliable algorithm in the controller. In the case of sensors, current technologies for environmental sensing include radar, optical detection and ranging, infrared, ultrasound, image sensors and accelerometers. These technologies have their own use characteristics, respectively, for different parts of the body Throttle Position Sensor  and different applications. More intelligent active safety system rely on accurate and all over the body inside and outside the various sensors, and with correct and immediately identify, determine the ability to calculate the platform to achieve. The visual sensor is only part of the many sensors, the future of the perfect car safety system must be fully integrated gyroscope, accelerometer, steering wheel and brake pedal position detector, and tire speed detection system, the body parts to make accurate monitoring And warning.

   Sensor systems Compared to passive safety systems, the more intelligent and preventable active safety system effects are largely dependent on the various sensors that are accurate and inside and outside the vehicle body.