ADI introduced the Drive360TM 28nm CMOS RADAR technology platform, which is based on the company's established ADAS, MEMS and RADAR technology portfolio, which has been widely used in the automotive industry over the past 20 years. ADI is the first company to offer automotive RADAR technology based on an advanced 28nm CMOS process. The new Drive360 RADAR platform delivers excellent RF Sensor performance to advanced driving safety and autopilot applications. The RF performance over the current first-class silicon germanium (SiGe) similar products can achieve the effect, to detect long-distance small objects, so as to the vehicle's emergency avoidance to win an extra time. The 28nm technology platform for a number of product development laid the foundation, but also will directly shorten the time of a supplier and depot product time to market, reduce design risk and development costs. The new platform is suitable for a variety of applications, including high-end long-range autopilot and advanced driving assistance system, medium to short automatic emergency braking, blind fuel metering valvespot detection, reversing both sides to the car warning system and close automatic parking.

  James Jacobs, head of automotive safety at ADI, said ADI's main goal is to take advantage of a highly flexible and scalable platform that can serve multiple generations of systems and deliver a new generation of products that meet the requirements of autopilot performance The ADI has fully reviewed the current silicon-based RADAR products and developed Suction Control Valvea new approach that leverages small CMOS cost, power and integration benefits. Drive360 28nm CMOS RADAR platform to meet or even beyond the current first-class silicon germanium similar products can achieve the performance effect, and to meet the emerging automatic driving needs.

  ADI's Drive360 28nm CMOS RADAR platform supports a variety of advanced signal processing integrations, and even custom IP integration, enabling designers to differentiate their system designs. Platform with high integrated power management supporting chip. The platform provides excellent performance Pressure Sensor for first-class suppliers and depot products, which is an indispensable prerequisite for building reliable solutions and applying them to emerging autopilot areas.