Smart cars need to have intelligent drivers, autopilot, travel services Sensor and real-time online features. An Apple patent application, which describes an advanced in-ear headphone device that can adjust the size of ambient noise through a sensor.

   The name of the patent, 'In-Ear Mixing Audio Transparency System,' is a noise cancellation and management solution that allows users to selectively drown and listen to sounds from surroundings, and similar features are currently present in BOSE Of the high-end headphones. In order to solve the buzzing and high-power problems, Apple has proposed a hybrid transparency system that combines the best components Temperature Sensor of the ear-in earphone 'leaked' out or partially unsealed equipment with airborne computer logic. The user needs to open a sound valve similar to the exhaust port, which greatly offset the occlusion effect.

    In other words, when the user is listening to music, you can close the valve, so the audio content  Pressure Sensor and external noise isolation; and need to hear the external sound, only need to open the valve can be.