If you just had a thorough diagnosis and reports say you have Balanitis, definitely, you will want to know about the kinds of treatments available. The treatment for Balanitis largely depends on the cause of the problem. Mostly, this condition occurs in uncircumcised men and boys. Note that not keeping the glans properly clean, under the foreskin leads to the accumulation of bacteria. This eventually causes a foul smell or discharge referred to as “smegma,” leading to swelling and redness of the glans. Sometimes, it also causes itching or rashes.

Common Reasons for Balanitis

As mentioned above, men who do not go through the adult circumcision surgery are susceptible to the disease and typically, poor self-hygiene, chronic skin conditions and infections are the main causes. Improper hygiene remains the leading reason why men contract this problem and skin irritation. However, both inadequate and excessive cleansing can both lead to this problem. Most often, the excessive buildup of bacteria is the cause because the foreskin is the ideal place for these organisms to settle down and grow because it traps the moisture around the head of the penis.

Apart from bacteria, here some other causes of Balanitis in men, as well as how to control or eliminate the condition.

·         Sometimes, allergy to some soap, latex condoms, spermicide, lubricants or some other similar products could lead to irritation. If you experience some irritation, it means it is time to stop using the product. Constant irritation can lead to Balanitis flaring up and itching throughout. Most likely, when you visit a doctor, he or she would prescribe steroid creams such as 1% hydrocortisone to help stop the swelling. They may also prescribe antibiotic or antifungal medication. In common cases, the steroid cream works well on its own to control the infection.

·         Sometimes, parents do not choose to circumcise their children at an early age and as they grow, the presence of the foreskin leads to improper hygiene. In uncircumcised men, the foreskin is a loose thick skin that hangs loosely from the head of the penis. Due to its thickness and folds, bacteria remains stuck underneath, which can cause the condition of Balanitis. In such cases, Circumcision Center adult circumcision is the best way to control the growth of the problem. Circumcision is the surgical removal of the foreskin from the tip of the penis, leaving the tip exposed.  It is one of the top cures for Balanitis as it eliminates the root cause of the problem- the foreskin.

·         Another common cause of this problem is a yeast infection and many antifungal creams such as miconazole and clotrimazole that doctors prescribe help to control the condition. If the cause of your infection is yeast, your sex partner must also go through treatment. It is also important that you and your partner refrain from sexual intercourse unless you choose to use a condom or else the tendency of the disease spreading increases. In order to prevent further occurrences, it is also advisable that men wash their penis after sexual intercourse.

·         The best treatment for bacterial causes of Balanitis is antibiotics. Often, erythromycin and penicillin help to control the severity of the condition.

·         At other times, the cause of Balanitis could be Phimosis, where the tight foreskin becomes hard and stiff, making it difficult or painful to push back for cleaning. This condition can also cause recurring Balanitis.  

Other Causes

If doctors are unable to detect the exact cause of balanitis, you may need to visit a dermatologist or urologist for further tests. The urologist may perform a urine test to see exactly if you have glucose in your urine, which could be an indicator of diabetes. Glucose works like a booster for the growth of bacteria. The dermatologist may need to scrape a sample and conduct a lab test to see what type of bacteria is present. The lab results help to determine the exact cause of Balanitis.

No matter the cause of this problem, one thing certain is that the glans and foreskin need daily washing and cleaning. If uncircumcised, it is necessary to pull back the foreskin to expose the glans. The area needs proper drying before it finally returns to cover the head of the penis or glans.


In addition to hygiene, it is possible to follow numerous other preventative measures that you could help to reduce the possibility of the condition returning. Use a non-biological powder to wash the underwear and make sure to rinse it well. Keep your hands as clean as possible when urinating or touching the penis to keep any possible chemicals or bacteria away from the penis. You can also avoid other known irritants away from the penis. Follow these preventative measures and if everything else fails, know that the best and drastic treatment option available today to stop the recurrence of Balanitis is to opt for circumcision surgery.