Many owners like to buy the skylight version of the model, of course, some high-end cars are standard skylight, what are the panoramic sunroof, etc., are to make the car has a better ride effect. Car sunroof installed in the roof, can effectively make the Sensor air flow inside the car to increase the entry of fresh air for the owners to bring healthy and comfortable enjoyment. At the same time the car window can also broaden the field of vision, also used in mobile photographic camera shooting needs.

   Car air pollution more and more serious, especially after long-term car parking, the car filled with decorative items in the benzene, formaldehyde and other harmful substances in the gas. The advantage of the car sunroof is to change the traditional form of ventilation, the wind came in to form an air flow, the compartment of the turbid air out. When the car is running at high speed, the air flows from the periphery of the car, and when the skylight is opened, the outside of the car forms a negative pressure area. As the air pressure inside and outside Temperature Sensor the car is different, the air can be drawn out of the car to reach the ventilation The purpose, so that the car always keep fresh air, so you feel the driving pleasure. The use of skylight de-fog is a quick way to remove the fog, if the process of driving the car's side windows closed, it will increase the car inside and outside the temperature difference, the front windshield glass is easy to form fog. At this time only need to open the roof skylight to the post-trembling ventilation position, can easily eliminate the front windshield fog. The use of skylights and energy-saving effect, in addition to open the door, open a large air-conditioning, in fact, the way to quickly reduce the temperature inside the car is to open the skylight, the use of vehicles in the process of forming the roof of the negative pressure out of hot air can be achieved rapid ventilation cooling The use of this method than the use of automotive air conditioning cooling speed two to three times faster, so of course will save more gasoline.

  Pay attention to the waterproofing of the skylight. Every year to carefully clean the skylight part of the tape. The skylight part is made of low maintenance material and should be cleaned regularly with oil or lubricant. It is recommended to clean once every two months. The seal of the sunroof is sealed with a rubber seal. In the course of use, it is necessary to pay attention to the dustproofing of the sealing ring, especially after the winter Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor or after a long distance, must always be cleaned with dust. Also be sure to pay attention to the sunroof can not be forced to open the sunroof case, this will damage the sunrock motor. In the sandy season, need to be used every two months sponge cleaning ring.

  In the process of car washing, avoid the use of high pressure water guns directly on the water column alignment ring. This is not only easy to seal the ring under the pressure of high pressure water column but the car into the water, but also to a great extent damage to the ring. Skylights used for a long time, in its slide, the gap will generally have a lot of sand deposition, such as irregular cleaning, will wear the skylight parts. Should always clean the slide around, usually in the use of 2 to 3 months when the slide with gauze stained with cleaning water to clean, to be wiped clean after a little oil or butter on it.

     Before opening the skylight, please note that the roof is obstructed by the operation of the glass panel. The design of the skylight panel is to protect the heat and the anti-ultraviolet function, please use a soft cloth and detergent cleaning, do not use viscous cleaning agent cleaning. Even if the car sunroof closed very tight, but the rainy day also seepage, which is due to the use of the skylight ring will gradually aging, resulting in skylight leakage, once the water leakage to be repaired immediately. There are many reasons for the leakage Pressure Sensor of the skylight, if the skylight leaked, to check whether the drain is blocked by dust. If it is a vehicle collision caused by leakage, which is likely to make the vehicle body scale correction is not in place, in which case also need to re-correction repair. Skylight in the maintenance of sealing tape will be 'off' the shift, which is due to the friction between the strip and the roof caused by excessive. You can use talc to lubricate regularly and reduce the excess friction on the basis of maintaining the seal.

  Frequent use of the skylight will find that the skylight is sometimes lax, this is because the owners do not often do the maintenance of the skylight to save the small problems. Because the skylight design is anti-extrusion function, so in the skylight track dust is blocked in the case there will be no problem, so often wipe the reasons for the dust in the track. If you encounter the skylight is not strict, the owner can let the skylight after the first tilt, tilt and hold the switch after holding 1 minute, so the skylight will tilt part of the skylight will be completely closed. When using lubricants, do not use lubricants that are easily adsorbed or contaminated with dust to prevent premature wear of the sliding parts and pipes during movement, as well as other abnormal sunroof failures.

      Car sunroof not only has a very practical role, but also make cars more beautiful. Now a lot of owners in the car when they care about whether the car with a skylight, with a skylight, consumers Speed Sensor need to learn how to maintain the car skylight as soon as possible. If the maintenance will be infinite trouble.