Why do more and more people all over the world opt for vinyl windows? The fact is that windows made of Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) have a number of significant advantages.

Energy savings. Energy saving lies in the very principle of the design of Kitchener windows due to the following facts:

• PVC is a very poor conductor of heat;

• Multi-chamber design of window profiles uses air as a heat-insulating material;

• Sealing system in two or three planes eliminates drafts.

The hermeticity of the structure provides protection from noise, dust and moisture. It should be noted that the noise-absorbing properties of vinyl window are determined not only by the material of the frame, but also by the type of glazing, and also by the design of the structure itself. The degree of noise reduction depends on the thickness of the glass, the distance between the glasses, the location and the number of seals.

Aesthetics. Vinyl windows not only keep the heat in the house and protect you from drafts, but also bring some good aesthetic looks into your house. Thanks to a wide variety of window profiles, they can become a part of any architectural design and are suitable for both historical and modern buildings. The possibilities of modern profile systems allow to recreate any decorative elements of windows of different styles and eras. And thanks to a wide range of colors and film lamination technologies of the window profile capable of imitating the color and texture of different types of wood, vinyl windows fit seamlessly into any facade and interior. We should also mention that the inner and outer surfaces of window profiles can be different: the window can be dark brown on the outside and white on the inside, which is very convenient.

Ease of use. Vinyl windows almost do not require any maintenance and they are resistant to any atmospheric influences too. When used properly, vinyl windows do not need to be repaired or repainted. The smooth surface of the window profile makes it easier to clean the windows, and the various ways to open them make it really simple to air the room. The use of modern window treatment hardware guarantees the resistance of windows to breaking.

Durability. The use of vinyl windows in Western Europe for 50 years with the preservation of their mechanical properties and color is the best proof of their durability.

Ecological compatibility. Solid PVC is a chemically inert substance, which is why it is so widely used throughout the world. For example, in Germany, PVC containers are used to store blood and plasma. In order to improve environmental safety, manufacturers of PVC profiles no longer use lead salt as a stabilizer. Salt lead was successfully replaced by a stabilizer on the basis of calcium and zinc. The new stabilizer improved the quality of finished windows quite remarkably and made them even more environment friendly.

As you can tell, vinyl windows have many advantages over other types of windows so there is no reason not to get them in case you need to replace your old windows.


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