A Beautiful Garden In Chelsworth
House sitting is what we choose to do and with as everything, we do it to the very best of our ability but more than this we do it with love, care and the utmost attention. The pets we care for are precious for the time we're with them they are OUR very own fur babies. Clients, friends, whatever is the basis of our relationship get the very best service a house sitters can give because that put simply is who John and I are ......


Our latest home owners coming home reaction, we had left for our next assignment.

"Dear Angela,

Such a lovely homecoming, with supper in the fridge, photos in the sitting room, a vase of flowers and cake for tea! We felt very spoilt and very grateful for all you have done to take care of things here. It's a pity that Open Gardens isn't this weekend because there is still time for John's handiwork to be masked by weeds, so we'll have to get out there with the hoes and secateurs. Please thank him for quite unlooked-for and much-appreciated applied expertise.

**The Village Hall flood was a surprise and I saw a plumber's van outside this morning so presumably all will be sorted out. Did you know it's a retired 1st World War army hut and has survived nearly a century of alterations, re-cladding and multiple uses? There is a key in the cupboard inside our back door though I'd never thought to tell our house-sitters - I will now!

The Lord of the Manor received us with muted enthusiasm and looks very well and sleek. He got really excited this morning when he realised that he could get into the office again and lie on John's desk and computer keyboard but made such a nuisance of himself that he was eventually evicted.

I found a maroon shopping bag from Vermont in the utility room this morning, which I guess is yours; would you like me to put it in the post to you? It's as light as a feather.
Thank you again and we'll be delighted if your travel plans and ours allow for a return to Chelsworth at some point.

Best wishes from us both"

** I was watering in the garden on Monday last week when a frantic young woman called out "Is you husband there" "No, why?" "The boiler in the village hall has broken and there's water everywhere, I can't stop it"

I had wellies on at the time, very fortuitous. I rushed across the road to the Village Hall with her and sure enough the kitchen was flooded and water was creeping, well a little faster than that, into the main hall.

"Where's the stop cock?" (water shut off) I asked., "I don't know" off I run out side, it had to be there somewhere obvious place to look? Near the back where the kitchen water supply was. Found it! Took the cover off, no shut off tap a key was needed. "Do you know where the turn off key is?" "No!" OK, need a key, go to a nearby house someone may have one (did not know where the one in the house I was looking after was) .... yes there is a lesson to be learned here as we tell all our home owners .... gentleman at the house I called at come to the rescue with his shut off key.

Water stopped all that was left was the clean up ...... the poor souls who get flooded out with 2 or 3 feet of stinking, dirty water have every ounce of my sympathy. It was bad enough clearing up a couple of inches of clean water but clean up we did!

Lesson to Home Owners: Always tell your house sitters where the stop cock/key/tap is and make certain it's written in your Home Owner's Manual!!!
Yes that is a rat .... Zorro ate it in front of us
Chelsworth Village Hall
Chelsworth Village Hall, also the War Memorial, is a thoroughly traditional First World War army hut. Named the Victory hall, it has been used for village activities for nearly 100 years.


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