For the car owners, after the rain, they should be on their own car Sensor for a certain maintenance, to maintain a good state, which not only involves the car's appearance and the use of the problem, and sometimes also related to Car owners' safety.

  With the decline in air quality, the rain is generally acidic, through the acid rain washed, over time the paint will lose luster, affecting the body's beauty. In this regard, there is no particularly important impact on the body paint, ground car wash like, because the general rain is some acidic, but the problem is not a good car; can also be made to the outside of the car waxing, which can prevent paint damage The But to think of better, more long to protect the body paint effect, then the need for the body coating, sealing glaze. In addition to the car interior and chassis, after Suction Control Valve  the rain on the car outside the body maintenance is also very important, after the rain for the car to deal with, to better extend the car life.

  After the rain, due to the large air humidity, the car will usually become more humid, it is easy to breed bacteria, affecting the owners and passengers inside the car's health. Therefore, after heavy rain on the car for timely inspection and disinfection is necessary. Car maintenance not only for us to create a clean and comfortable car environment, more importantly, to allow owners and passengers in the car to enjoy a more safe and healthy experience, from the car bacteria harm. Should be frequent air conditioning filter, under normal circumstances, an original air-conditioning filter life is 20,000 to thirty thousand kilometers, if you often travel in the dirt road or poor air quality of the road will be necessary to shorten the replacement cycle.

  After the 'baptism' of the rain, the vehicle wheel cavity side and the chassis part will produce sludge accumulation, and long-term sludge accumulation is easy to hide the moisture inside the chassis, resulting in car rust, and even may occur wheel Where the loose perforation of the situation, easily lead to security incidents. After the rain will make the car chassis filled with sludge, and even a small amount of water into the car owners should be timely inspection of the car. You can brush the chassis in the car chassis paint, or the chassis seal plastic, to prevent rust.

  The car's chassis should pay special attention to the problem of the brakes. Because it often rains, may lead to car anti-braking power decline, so that the car brake reaction is slow, thus affecting Temperature Sensor the performance of the car, and may even lead to security incidents. So it is recommended to take time after the rain to check.