Over the past few years, the issue of GMO altered seeds and animals (Frankenfish) has become an issue that just keeps building. As I have looked at articles over those years, GMO anything has really gotten to be scary. Those of us that grew up without these foods aren't as badly affected. Studies have shown that since GMO food came into our food supply, allegies, AHDD, and autism have gown exponentially among the younger of us (one study said 167%). Cancers are up--like non-Hodgkins, which is still incurable. More and more countries are banning US food that is GMO connected. And yet our government allows companies like Monsasnto and Dow, among others, to still push these foods. Our government will not create a law that forces labeling of GMO laced foods.

How wrong is that? Not only is Congress not doing anything about it, but the Obama administration is pushing the USDA, FDA, and EPA to let GMO laced products to continue to be sold, blindly.