Winter comes, the weather is cold, in the driving process, some owners often close the window. But do you find that even when the air is running in the urban area, the car is often filled with the taste Sensor of a similar tail, even in an empty place or on a high speed road, and sometimes it feels that the dizzy and chest tightness is in the course of driving Using internal and external cycles.

   Outside the cycle of the state is the use of fans outside the air pumping the car to the car, that is outside the car and the airway is the flow, the fan hit the wind from the car, even without the fan, the vehicle is still running Air inhalation into the car, add fresh air inside the car. Sometimes feel off the fan or wind, because the owner set the outer loop. In the case of traffic congestion in the city, the car will be filled with tail odor, which is due to the use of external circulation will be caused by the car exhaust gas in the road. And the internal circulation state is to close the inside and outside the air flow channel, do not open the fan there is no air circulation, the fan when the air flow is only from the car, the formation Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor of the vehicle internal air circulation. The internal circulation is mainly timely and effective to prevent the external dust and harmful gases into the car, such as the exercise through the smoke, dust, odor area or vehicle-intensive compact driving, blocking the exhaust emissions before the car. Another role is insulation.

      Internal and external circulation of the use, should be combined with air conditioning, warm air. The use of external circulation, you can breathe the fresh air outside the car. High-speed driving, a long time to feel the car air turbidity, people uncomfortable, and can not open the window, it should use the external circulation RBI breeze come in; winter warm air feel too hot, can turn off the fan, open the outer loop, Car temperature, and fresh air, the feeling will be more comfortable. But if the air conditioning is to reduce the temperature inside the car, then do not open outside the cycle. Can be separated from time to open the outer loop, replace the point of fresh air. Some people in the summer with air conditioning complained about the poor cooling effect, in fact, accidentally set into an external circulation state, the car outside the hot air flow into the car, the temperature of course, not down. So you have to cool the effect must be set to the internal circulation state; if the temperature is not too hot, playing a little air conditioning adjustment, you can open Temperature Sensor to the outer loop, so both air-conditioning, there are breeze, people are more comfortable.

    Because most of the owners are driving in the city, so to remind the owners, in the peak hours of traffic jams, especially in the tunnel, should try to use the internal circulation. And when the car began to run at normal speed, it should open to the outer loop state. In addition, to remind the owner, encountered dusty or extracorporeal air particles in more sections, while closing the window ABS Sensor at the same time, do not forget to close the outer loop to block the external airflow. Usually in the parking lot parking is also set to the internal circulation state, because the external circulation state, the wind blowing dust is easy to enter the car, so that the dust inside the car.