In the past on the road, often see such a scene: one after another two flashing lights between the patrol car, a group of staff is operating the mapping equipment. Each time a person, a person, a device, and a patrol car are moved forward for some distance. Speeding the Sensor car or passing from them, or a sharp brake, the work area near the moment of danger. Technical staff in the 'life measurement' at the same time, also caused the road block, congestion, to the past vehicles caused great inconvenience and risk. In the measurement of hundreds of kilometers of high-speed expansion of the music, the Sichuan Provincial Department of Transportation Highway Planning Survey and Design Institute for the first time using airborne laser radar scanning technology. It takes three months and may break the dangerous measurement work, only 10 days to be safe to complete, and did not affect the normal traffic.

  In Pengshan General Airport, a small helicopter equipped with a laser radar vacated into the sky, flying into the high-speed expansion of the A3 section over the air, the air scan. This is the first application in the highway expansion project in Sichuan Province, also marks the traditional way of artificial cross-line mapping will gradually become history. The lidar is mounted on a helicopter landing gear, its shape is not cool, laser scanner is just like a microwave oven. The side of the microwave oven, side by side with a digital camera and a device called IMU, the camera lens down, used to obtain the ground color digital images, and referred to as IMU 'inertial measurement unit' like the radar balance organs, at any time The gesture. The laser sensor head emits and receives millions of laser pulses per second underneath the microwave oven, making accurate measurements Suction Control Valve of the ground. The laser scanner and the camera are independent of both systems, but both accept control of the memory of the command. The sensor section with the laser and the camera is connected to the control memory via the data cable. If the radar sensor is compared to a headset and a microphone, the memory placed in the helicopter cabin is a 'mobile phone' that takes all the measurements.

Laser one by one, around the sweep, the aircraft fly forward, millions of laser spots per second was 'the' shape of the distribution, put the need to measure the area are covered. But the plane to fly straight, and the road is striped, the line is more curved, it can only be divided into sections of flying, flying bent, the data is not handled. From Meishan to Leshan, plus Emei branch, a total of more than 50 sections, the pilots are 'dizzy.' Chengdu Business Daily reporter saw the route as a broken footsteps.
Because the road was striped, moving is stretches one or two hundred kilometers, laser radar scanning technology is difficult to use when immature, in recent years only rise. At present, the technology has been applied to the new airport high-speed elevated the bottom of the road and Guangyuan to Pingwu Expressway and other measurements, high-speed expansion project Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor is the first time. Surveying and Mapping Branch responsible person told the Chengdu Commercial Daily reporter, later into the South high-speed, into the cotton high-speed, into the high-speed expansion of Wen Qiong are likely to use the laser radar scanning technology.

   LIDAR scanning is a global trend in mapping tools that will greatly reduce manual mapping. Compared with artificial mapping, its biggest advantage is not to block the road, while ensuring the safety of staff. In particular, the expansion project, with the traditional way to test, not only to take the lane block, under the interference of vehicles, inefficient, the staff are also dangerous. Once, 70 km of the road by 20 people measured for two months; and the use of laser radar scan, 3 days to complete the five sorties of flight operations, accumulated only 9 hours to complete the mapping work. The ground with the staff is only the usual 1/2 to 1/3. Lidar scanning is very accurate and intuitive, the equivalent of the field moved to the room, and the scene may only see the local. Reconstruction and expansion projects both new lanes, but also the old lane, old and Temperature Sensor new to seamless convergence, measurement must be accurate. Such as pavement asphalt, cement concrete 1 cm and 5 cm cost difference is very large. Such a long road, once the wrong test, the loss is even more heavy. Laser radar image scanning can even see the driving vehicle on the audit logo.

At the same time, there is no road cliffs, dense forests, swamp wetlands or other places that can not be entered, the laser radar can successfully complete the measurement work. But also for the three-dimensional real model to provide basic data to facilitate the construction, maintenance and operation and management.