Automatic driving field has been in the state of being suspended in the Ali anger caught, Yu Yongfu led the Ali mobile business group as a vanguard to high-German 3D high-precision map-based products, held a grand 'future traffic conference.' This venue, gathered a lot of Baidu Apollo 'enemy', Baidu automatic driving business carried out a fierce shelling. For example, has left the business Sensor of the original Baidu autopilot business executives exaggerated that Baidu automatic driving business people quickly gone. This is Ma's Alibaba officially in the front of the automatic driving battlefield, sounded back Baidu Apollo's horn, they can not continue to watch the competitors in this area triumph.

If Baidu's Apollo plans to be successful, Ali's business in the automotive sector will be 'Waterloo' type of defeat:

1, high German 3D high-precision map will be killed;

2, Yun OS will become Duer OS cannon fodder;

3, rookie network may be reduced dimension attack, shake the foundation of the empire;

4, Ali Automobile Division for the layout of the car electric business will be no day;

5, in the field of AI and Li Yanhong spray Ma will be severely hit face.

Ali Empire, with 423 billion US dollars of market value, ranking first in Asia. Its main business is electricity, cloud computing, digital entertainment and innovative business (Yun OS, high and nail), associated business for the ant gold and rookie network. Once the auto drive front fell, its emerging business unit will be devastating blow, the main business of the operating base - the logistics business will also be heavily hurt, it can not afford the weight. Ali's layout in the field of automatic driving began in early 2016. Was Ali drifting as unmanned R \u0026 D director, Ma personally interview, said to be out of the irresistible pay package. The team is Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor currently lurking in Yu Yongfu's Ali mobile business group, through the headhunter, eagerly through the pull-style way to sweep the market's automatic driving talent. It seems that 3D high-precision map is the result of this 'secret team' effort with the original high-German map team. Just by Tak Tak 3D high-precision map, it is difficult to resist Baidu Apollo forward wheel. Because, Baidu Apollo almost became the only Chinese car prices to do unmanned driving choice.

  For Ali, despite the mobile business group following the high German map and autopilot secret team, Ali Yun Yun Yun under the chain, in the smart car industry chain on Baidu 'guerrilla war' type of harassment, but can not bring Baidu Apollo Substantial injury. Powerful Ali, good at strategically leading rivals, innovative business models, innovative new concepts of Ali in the field of intelligent driving no strategy. Which led to Ali Group bit by bit the car business resources become scattered pearls, constantly difficult to collaborate, and sometimes even each other constraints, each fight. In the Lu Qi restructuring management framework before, Baidu's auto business is facing a similar dilemma, the car company in the face of Baidu's various business units of the numerous BD often feel at a loss.
On the one hand, Roewe RX5 hot reason is not equipped with Ali Yun OS, but the blowout fuel metering valve of the SUV market segment, as well as Roewe RX5 product card bit and marketing success. Nor is each of the Roewe RX5 are equipped with Yun OS Auto, only high-end models have. Most importantly, Yun OS Auto did not give the user experience on the revolution, in the voice recognition, car entertainment and traffic in three areas still failed to solve the user pain point. As a result, Yun OS Auto did not have to worry about having to follow up, 'Zebra' trying to Yun OS Auto to other car prices when selling little progress.

   At this time Baidu has completed a good business layout: with a focus on the car's intelligent driving business group to Apollo platform as the main product; focus on voice recognition Duer OS business group, Duer OS platform as the core products; AI business and Baidu brain AI group, to Baidu brain and image recognition as the main application. The business is independent of each other and can support each other, by Baidu CEO Robin Li and Group President and COO Lu Qi personally driven, pouring almost the entire company's resources to promote business fast forward. Ali Group at this stage is the focus of the international strategy, the electricity business, payment business, logistics and computing these business Temperature Sensor to expand overseas, so the richness of the scene is superior to the domestic competitive products. Vertical business, Ali cloud, logistics and fresh electricity business is to force, unusually hectic. Powerless in the automatic driving strategy.

   Ali is involved in the competition is based on the company and its major shareholder Softbank in the travel and logistics industry, the automatic driving system has a huge application requirements. Logistics, Ali's rookie network is very important automatic driving application scene, once competing products in the logistics industry to take the lead in the application of automatic driving system, rookie network will be caught in a passive. Ali's big shareholder, Softbank, has controlled almost all of the shared travel companies except Uber and Gett. Including the drop (Softbank big shareholders, Ali three shareholders, Tencent two shareholders), Southeast Asia taxi application overlord Grab (holding), Brazil taxi application 99, India's taxi software giant Ola.

Ali relative Baidu advantage is the application of the scene of the landing, especially the shared travel and logistics courier. This is Ali to subvert the entire smart car industry competitive landscape of the important 'killer'. Specific can be divided into the following actions:

1, the acquisition of Wang Jin King Chi, or other ability to drive a strong driving R \u0026 D team. Will Yun OS, high German map two business units integrated into the formation of intelligent driving business group, reported directly to Zhang Yong.

New forces repairer, Ma Yunyan, Baidu automatic driving, Ali automatic driving

2, Ali's intelligent driving research and development to L4 as the goal, directly for the shared travel and logistics two typical application scenarios, rapid development of automatic driving system. And strive to get in Baidu before the specific application areas L4 level of automatic driving technology.

3, a strategic investment in an electric car prices. For the joint development, integration and production of the automatic driving system. This business is likely to be 'Xiaopeng car'. From He Xiaopeng yesterday in the 'Xiaopeng car' virginity revealed to change the vision of travel industry, must have Ali investment has been on the road. (The future in the field of automatic driving BT may jointly fight against A)

   For Ali, this strategy to avoid and Baidu in the fight for traditional car prices to do too much cooperation, directly into the needs of the largest areas of application, and with the reaction speed and flexibility faster, less burden of electric vehicles Start - up cooperation. Break the existing competitive landscape. In China automatic driving market, the core control software, is a giant fight operation, fight the physical game. In view of Tencent is responsible for maps and automatic driving research and development of senior Speed Sensor vice president Ma Zhe people have to work, and automatic driving and Tencent's main business relationship is not large. In China, to Baidu Apollo impact, only Ali. And only Ali, must be in the autopilot system on Baidu's attack to make a counterattack.