Alice is a Cairn Terrier and the first dog I have ever paid for. When I got her I read all the descriptions of the different dog breeds to see what suited me most. She has the perfect personality for me. She is very loving but not a lap dog. She has been house broken since she was 4 mos. old. I left her in the house for 24 hrs. once and she did not dirty at all. She doesn't bother anyone and everyone loves her. I have friends who want to take her home for the night because she is so awesome. She gets along with animals well except for birds ( she wants to eat them). Cairns are bred for hunting and Alice wants to hunt. She catches mice, moles, frogs and cicadas. She is quite spoiled and eats with me since I am alone. I only feed her Little Cesar's dog food and meat. If I eat meat she eats meat.