Self-inking stamps are easy to use and can be customised in just a short period of time. Lots of company’s get their logo’s printed on self-inking stamps as it’s quicker and hassle free. Certain places in Singapore only take about 10-15 minutes to create a stamp and they enable the customer to pick out what they like as well.If you’ve been looking for information on the various Self Inking Stampavailable, here’s everything there is to know.

The Benefits of Self-Inking Stamps

Thanks to this mechanism, carrying around an ink-pad in no longer necessary. You can have anything you want added and if you require certain modifications, it can be done as well. The chances of ink-spillage is also not a problem anymore as everything is compact.  The stamps are convenient to use and very durable, gaining lots of customer preference and satisfaction. In most cases once the artwork has been approved, it takes very little time to get what you requested for, making them ideal if you’re in a hurry.

The Different Variations

Self-Inking Stamps come in a host of different sizes and colours, giving customers ample choice. Most post offices or public offices always use self-inking stamps as they are way better than regular stamps.

Depending on what kind of Self Inking Stamp you’re after and the purpose of it, you can pretty much find one that suits the requirement. If you haven’t got much time to visit a specific store, then you should be able to find lots of them online. From professional ones to the more normal variety, there’s plenty of various online stores that sell them. All you need to do is select one, mention if you need any modifications made to it and just check out/pay. Keep in mind though that this isn’t like the one-on-one experience you get when buying it from a specialised store and getting something you don’t like is possible.

How do Self-Inking Stamps Function?

Basically it’s a rubber stamp placed inside a system that holds a spring, pad and stamp. The stamp is placed on the - pad when not in use. And when you’re ready to begin using the stamp it automatically is ready to function. When using a self-inking stamp, however it should be noted that the ink-pad might need changing every now and again, depending on how frequently you use it.

How to identify if the Stamp is good?

The best Self-Inking Stamps are made from ABS plastic, which are quite durable. Most of the ones sold in newspapers or online that have ‘’no brand’’ name, are made using cheap quality materials. Which cannot be used for long and comes with the difficulty of finding replacement pads. Always stick to good brands even if they may seem more expensive.

Tips for Self-Inking:

  • ·         Refrain from mixing ink with various other stamp ‘’Brands’’. Most stamps have an authentic formula, which won’t be compatible.
  • ·         Don’t use self-inking stamps on (non-porus) surfaces, as this will cause the ink to dry faster since the pad is uncovered.
  •      If you’re having problems with the stamp don’t bang them against surfaces as this will most likely break the entire outlet.