Tired of looking at electronic medical record systems that require days of training and hours of extra data entry for areas that have no application to your practice? You've found the right place: STETHOSCOPE, a simple EMR that minimizes the surgeon's work to leave him free to do what he does best, operate.

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Key features


  • Demographic Tracking
  •  Produce Daily rounds list sorted by physician and hospital
  • Generate surgery schedule sorted by physician and hospital
  • Inline dictation playback for easy transcription
  • Central storage point for digital records: Dictations, Op notes, lab reports, xray, chemistry, pathology, history of physical discharge summaries etc


  • Carl Maltese, Cardiovascular Surgeon: "Finally, a simple EMR product designed for a surgical practice ... And I love the phone app, to be able to access my patient's dictation when I'm on call."
  • Dawn Andrews, Office Manager, Cardiovascular Associates, PC: "The product is so intuitive that it requires little training. The doctors love the minimal data entry required on their part and the office staff are able to keep up to date on o.r. scheduling and hospital visits in real time."

Why should you use Stethoscope in your medical practice?

  • Created by surgeons for surgeons. Stethoscope is the brain child of Dr. Ronald O'Gorman as a way to simplify and stream line his practice's medical records.
  • We keep it simple. Stethoscope is a system that offers you what you need without complicated extras that don't fit your practice

What can Stethoscope offer my practice?

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  • Coupling Stethoscope with an e-prescription product will produce an EMR solution that will meet government mandates
  • Allows your team to get up to speed quickly. Stethoscope does not require more than a few hours of training.
  • No programs to install on user terminals. Stethoscope's web interface is compatible with Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Google Chrome
  • Our team is ready and excited to work with you to customize our product to your individual practice, working out new features or tailoring output to your needs