With the global environment continues to deteriorate, the Government of the automotive industry product requirements are getting higher and higher, more and more car displacement, lighter weight, mixed, new energy and other technologies are also the ultimate purpose 'Energy conservation'. Concerned about the industry dynamics of riders should be aware that the global scope Sensor of the internal combustion engine power car production requirements will become increasingly stringent, China's forthcoming introduction of the points system (with a hybrid, new energy vehicles), Germany even claimed that as of 2030 Year will be a comprehensive shutdown of traditional fuel vehicles. Changes in the automotive industry overcast, in fact, not far away from us.

  Because the new energy and hybrid technology has not yet universal, so the current energy efficient to make the most effective two ways is still 'to reduce the weight and reduce emissions, the reason why such a small displacement turbine is also popular for this reason, Heavy side, in addition to improving the strength of the body plate, the 'weight' of the engine weight is naturally imperative, so the major manufacturers have eliminated their own cast iron engine, began to use aluminum. With environmental regulations The engine is urgently needed Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor to create a more 'energy-saving emission reduction' of the car, and the fastest way to achieve this goal is to reduce the weight, if the engine made of aluminum, you can reduce the weight of 20KG, Reduce fuel consumption, the advantages of all-aluminum engine so that the major manufacturers of his favor there.

   Early aluminum engine because the cylinder strength is not enough, only in the low-power naturally aspirated engine used in the turbocharged that the high torsional interval is broad, need a long time to withstand strong cylinder pressure, it can only carry a higher strength and stability More powerful cast iron engine. The engine piston is generally made of aluminum alloy material, so that if the cylinder material is also aluminum alloy, the cylinder wall is not changed, then because of the friction coefficient is too large lead to wear and tear, so even the aluminum alloy cylinder, the cylinder wall Sets or cast iron material. Aluminum engine because of the strength is not enough, want to strengthen the late conversion Temperature Sensor is almost impossible, the risk of expansion cylinder grinding cylinder is relatively large, plastic and direct the engine can not be compared. Cast iron engine low cost, low cost, high strength, plasticity, anti-deformation, in addition to weight and thermal conductivity as aluminum engine, the other aspects are almost better than the aluminum engine.

    Aluminum engine and cast iron engine compared to the amount of a tie, the reason why the current aluminum engine popular, the main reason is the advantages of all aluminum is adapted to the current energy-saving emission reduction concept of repairer, and with the upgrading of manufacturing skills, all aluminum Engine and cast iron engine in the cost of the gap is getting smaller fuel metering valveand smaller, the future In addition to some performance car, cast iron engine is not because it is not good, but not to adapt to 'energy saving' trend.