Analog Devices is committed to the 77/79-GHz system-level radar sensor with Renesas Electronics Sensor to improve the performance of advanced driving assistance systems and autopilot vehicles.

   Analog Devices, ADI and Renesas Electronics are working together on 77/79-GHz system-level radar sensors to improve the performance of advanced driving assistance systems (ADAS) applications Suction Control Valve and autopilot vehicles.

The sensor is related to RH850 / V1R-M from Renesas' own platform and Drive360 28nm CMOS radar technology from Analog Devices. The two companies said the system-level seamless operation of these two technologies allowed the vehicle to detect faster, faster moving targets, and faster detection at longer distances. In addition, it will reduce the radar system integration and reduce the risk assessment of car prices and tier 1 supply chains.

During the US simulation, the company's Drive360 28nm CMOS technology platform uses advanced 28nm CMOS, with unparalleled RF technology, can be used for target recognition and classification. The output power is large, the range and the recognition ability fuel metering valve of the small target are improved, and the phase noise is the lowest, and the small target can be blurred.

Renesas Electronics announced an independent platform (Renesas autonomy), positioning end-to-end methods, covering the cloud connection and cloud aware of the entire process of automatic control. This is an open, trustworthy platform for ADAS and autopilot R \u0026 D use, Renesas Electronics Extensible SoC and Microcontroller Roadmap for the platform to provide support. The RH850 / V1R-M MCU is designed Pressure Sensor for radar applications as part of the product portfolio. The new MCUs include optimized programmable digital signal processing, dual CPU cores, running at 320 MHz, high speed flash memory and memory are 2MB, while meeting the industry's highest temperature standards.