Car safety itself is not the focus of research and development, but hope to develop intelligent or 'thinking' of the security device, it can more actively assist the driver to reduce the impact of traffic accidents. And Volvo Car Corporation senior security technology consultant Thomas Bobbberg Sensor in an interview with reporters that the goal is to 2020, take the Volvo car completely avoid death. However, Sun Xingyuan stressed that the car is, after all, a machine, is in control, blindly rely too much on the system is not a scientific car, the real security is in the hands of the driver's own.

Many of the recent serious traffic accidents that have occurred have knocked people's attention to driving safety. The car is in control, blindly overly dependent on a variety of systems is not a scientific car, the real security is in the hands of the driver's own. I believe that no car dare to claim that he is not equipped with airbags. Car airbags in addition to Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor the protection of passengers front airbags, there are side airbags, curtain airbags, head protection airbags, and even foot protection airbags. Airbag and seat belt with the correct use to be able to play the maximum effect.

  A Cadillac owner driving in Jiangxi Chang Zhang highway with a large truck rear-end accident occurred, when the car is equipped with airbags did not pop up. According to the manufacturer's analysis, the accident in the car rear-end large trucks caused by the right front side of the vehicle damage, the vehicle front and the bumper position did not occur substantial deformation, the type of collision is not enough to trigger the deployment of airbags. In the design of the airbag, the sensor only to meet certain conditions will detonate the airbag, the impact must occur in front, but if encountered side collision or rear-end, the driver's position of the airbag will not burst. Of course, how to improve the airbag open conditions are now many manufacturers to solve the technical problems.

The meaning of the seatbelt for life is believed to be unnecessary. Wearing a seat belt such a simple action, you can save a lot of life in critical time. The general seat belt has a certain amount of forward movement in the event of an accident due to the gap between the webbing, the gap between the webbing and the occupant's body and the elongation of the webbing itself. This 'displacement' is easy Temperature Sensor in the moment of the collision, the driver or passengers to bring a certain potential danger. In the past, a lot of tightened seat belts in the accident on the occupants of the binding force is too large, will hurt the chest or shoulder.

   High speed will still produce a certain degree of sliding ABS has almost become the standard configuration of all models. A Mitsubishi car drag racing killed a pedestrian accident, the Mitsubishi car speed problem has been unsolved. Accident scene, in the role of vehicles ABS, the vehicle left the brake marks are not obvious, not enough to become a traffic police to determine the basis of the vehicle speed, so the speed of the Mitsubishi car has been unsolved. Police in the past to determine traffic violations or accidents, according to the road can be marked with obvious signs of the brake, easy to identify the speed. However, the existence of ABS, making this difficult. In Germany, there were cases where the police suspected the speed of the car, but the police had been unable to convict the perpetrators because there was no signs of braking on the road.

  In the case of high speed and overcrowding, if the vehicle brake was too hasty, the car will still produce a certain degree of sliding, which is ABS can not control. Therefore, the driver can not rely entirely on ABS, must be through their own subjective initiative to achieve safe driving. ABS can take into account the maximum longitudinal braking force and lateral grip in the vehicle, effectively ensuring that the vehicle will not run out of control, but not all vehicles equipped with ABS will shorten the braking distance, such as snow and ice, wet road braking The distance is shorter than the wheel, but the braking distance on the general road surface is longer. When the car is in the process of running, ESP can quickly identify the vehicle instability, and through the brake system, engine management system and gearbox Throttle Position Sensor management system to control, so as to make up for vehicle sliding. ESP actuator is the four-wheel brake system, in fact, ESP is to help the driver on the brakes, it can assist the vehicle in the bad road will not be out of control. ESP is indeed able to drive the safety of the vehicle to provide a great help, but the car is still a machine after all, is in control. The real security is in the hands of the driver himself.